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The Average Cost Of Tree Trimming - Cost Guide

If you really care about the health of the trees on your property, you should want to trim them every year. This gives the tree better health and a longer life span. The number of trees you want trimmed and the size of each tree will be the biggest factor in the cost, but let's break down the specifics and go in more depth.

How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

If you want to keep your yard and overall appearance of your yard looking as good as possible, you occasionally need to have it’s tree trimmed and shaped. Tree trimming and pruning can be used to remove dead branches and broken limbs that can cause serious damage if and when they fall. Not only tree trimming and pruning make help curb appeal but it makes your property safer, dead limbs and broken branches can fall on cars or worst people, they can be hazards. Tree trimming costs aren’t really thought about until it is needed. The cost of tree trimming will vary and be dependent on a number of factors. The 2 main factors are if you do it yourself or if you hire a tree service company to do it for you. Below, you can better understand the costs associated with tree trimming. 

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Tree Trimming

The cost of DIY tree trimming costs might be lower than hiring a tree service company, but it will also require your time, effort, and depending on the tree and its size maybe getting specific equipment. Not to mention, tree trimming can be quiet dangerous in many cases. This is why tree service companies can command higher prices because trimming a tree is not an easy task. If you have a small tree to trim or prune, it's also best to let a professional tree service company handle the job for you. If you want to do this type of project yourself, you need to make sure you have the appropriate equipment to complete the job safely. Depending on your location, it might be possible to rent a gas tree trimmer if unavailable, Popular Mechanics recommends a hand help lopper or pruner. You can expect to pay around $40-$60. Fiskars makes good pruning tools for homeowners. For higher trees, a gas pole pruner could be needed this could set you back $180-$200 and will typically get the job done more efficiently. Handheld loppers and pruners are only good for trees with small branches and fruit trees. Large trees that need to be trimming, the best option is to hire a professional tree service company to do it.Keep in mind that hand-held pruners and loppers are only effective on small branches and fruit trees. If you have large trees that need trimming, your only viable option is to hire a professional tree-trimming company to do it for you.

Trimming a tree on your own

If a tree in your yard is smaller but overgrown and poor looking, you can attempt to trim it on your own. Pruning trees yourself might have some benefits, but there are some risk and drawbacks to this also.

It takes manpower, knowledge, skills, and experience so it might not be worth it to prune trees on your own, there is a lot that goes into it. The health of the tree, knowing where to cut, what specific branches need to be trimmed, if you are not sure about this and just start to hack away at the tree it could potentially harm the tree and its future growth. Many homeowners see trees as an investment, especially trees they’ve seen grow in front of their eyes. Tree trimming is best suited for tree service professionals that are experienced in this field.


●    Saves you money, especially if you own the proper equipment

●    Simple enough to trim very young trees if you understand the basics of pruning.

●    Free wood for campfires afterwards


●    Cost of renting or purchasing new equipment that you don't already own

●    Liability of dropping limbs on someone else's property

●    Making the wrong cuts, which could potentially kill a tree or hinder its growth

●    Labor intensive, takes time and energy

●    Disposing of the debris, getting rid of branches and clean up after

●    Bodily injury to you or others from saws, falling from ladders, or falling limbs hitting something or someone

OSHA and the US Department of Labor says that, "All tree trimming or removal work within ten feet of a power line must be done by trained and experienced line-clearance tree trimmers."

Tips and Techniques

If you decide to go out on the limb and trim your tree yourself, here are the 4 most common reasons to trim or prune trees, along with some tips and techniques. Keep in mind that pruning may be necessary to maintain a healthy, attractive, and safe tree.

4 Reasons To Trim or Prune Trees

1.    Cleaning- cleaning is the removal of dying, dead, diseases, weakly attached branches from the crown of the tree.

2.   Thinning- thinning is selecting certain branches for removal to improve the overall structure of the tree and to help light and air to move through the crown. Thinning opens the foliage, helps to reduce weight on the limbs, and assists in keeping the trees natural shape.

3.   Raising- raising is the removing of lower branches. This is typically done to remove obstruction branches for clearance for vehicles, homes, walkways, and pedestrians for adequate spacing.

4.   Reduction- reduction will minimize the size of the tree, usually for utility lines. Reducing the height or spread of the tree is best done by trimming back the leaders and branch terminals to the secondary branches that are large enough to take terminal roles. This is not topping, reduction helps maintain its form and integrity.

Tree Trimming Tips:

●    Trim during the tree’s dormant season- You can typically trim a tree any time of the year, according to Today's Homeowner it’s always best to do it when the tree is dormant. This makes it much easier to see what you are doing. Not to mention, removing dormant buds will excite the remaining buds. An exception is if you want to slow down the growth of an already overly vigorous tree. If this is the case, you want to prune while the tree is still in its active growth stage.

●    Think about the size of branch-You shouldn't just start cutting branches anywhere, look at the size of each branch before trimming it. A rule of thumb is a branch that is five centimeters or less in diameter is safe to remove. If a branch is between 5 to 10 centimeters in diameter it’s not ideal. Branches that are over 10 centimeters in diameter A branch that is five centimeters or less in diameter is safe to remove. One that is between five and 10 centimeters is less ideal. Any branch over 10 centimeters in diameter should not be removed only if 100% necessary.

●    Check the angle- It is recommended to only removed branched that are weak with v-shaped angles. You will want to keep branches with strong u-shaped branches.

●    Ratio- After you have completed trimming, step back so you can see the entire tree, the ratio of living crown to the height of the tree should be two-thirds.

●    Trim when branches are young- Trim tree branches regularly to ensure you are only pruning branches when they are young. The risk of scarring branches increases as the branches get older. Older branches are much harder to manage, younger branches tend to be much easier to manager.

●    Don’t trim too short or too long- When you trim tree branches , you want to avoid leaving a large stub or removing the branch collar.

Tree Trimming Techniques:

●    Look first- Before trimming trees yourself you should educate yourself first on how to trim trees At the bottom base of the branch, the branch collar grows from the stem tissue at the bottom base, make sure to locate this before you start making a cut. The branch ridge is on the upper surface which is parallel to the branch angle at the stem.

●    Make the cut- When you do make a cut, be sure to do it outside the branch bark ridge. Make sure to cut angling down from the stem, this will ensure you aren't hurting the branch collar while cutting. Using this technique can be used when pruning both living and dead branches.

●    Long stems- If a stem is too long, use a 3 cut technique: First, make a small notch on the side of the stem that is facing away from the branch that will stay; then make a second cut inside the crotch of the branch and above the branch ridge; finally the 3rd cut will remove the stub by cutting through the stem parallel to the branch bark ridge.

Pruning vs. Trimming

While the terms “trimming” and “pruning” may seem the same, they are 2 distinctly different methods of keeping trees healthy.

Trimming is usually done for cosmetic reasons, the look of the tree and is done when there are no major concerns of disease, overgrowth, pests, or other hazards. Trimming is done typically to keep the tree looking great while removing the longer branches that get in the way. It’s recommended if you have large trees or have multiple trees let a professional tree service company do it, if you just want to clean up a tree and everything is easily accessed then some homeowners are up to the task.

Pruning is done solely to keep the health of the tree in tack, this involved selecting certain parts of the tree to be removed like buds, branches, or roots. This helps to keep the tree healthy, pruning is specific tree or plant tissue that is damaged, dead, diseased or not in the right condition. Due the the specifics of pruning, it is recommended to let a trained professional do this, they are skilled in knowing what is damaged and diseased tissue. This ensures that the health of the tree remains and only the branches, buds, and roots are removed and everything that is healthy remains.

Tree Trimming Cost

Professional Tree Trimming and Pruning

Most homeowners hire tree service companies to handle their tree trimming projects. If you were to ask a company, “ How much do you charge for tree trimming” you will not get an answer the majority of the time. Not to mention a true Arborist will need to see the location, size, type of tree, etc. to give you this information. There is so much that goes into trimming a tree, the total cost is going to be depending on these things. You can and will be able to get a quote, in fact you can get quotes from several different companies, in most cases each quote will be different. Be sure to ask questions when hiring a tree trimming service. Once your questions are answered, compare the quotes, read reviews of the companies your looking at, then make a decision on who you want to hire that is right for you.

Average Tree Trimming Cost

Trees that are 30 ft or less in height- $250 to $500 per tree

Trees that are 30 ft to 60 ft in height- $500 to $1000 per tree

Trees that are over 60 ft in height- $1,000 or more per tree

The cost to trim a tree depends on a few factors:

●    Type of the tree

●    The size of tree

●    The number of trees

●    Potential hazards

●    Are branched kept there or do you want them hauled away

●    Accessibility to tree for equipment

●    Is it emergency work, such as storm damage or outside of regular business hours

●    Your location

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have tree branches in your power lines, typically if you call the utility company they contract with a company and can send a professional tree service company out to trim back the branches.

Why trim your tree?

Trimming or pruning a tree helps the tree stay healthy, It will also help with curb appeal, the look and health of the tree will be more pleasing to you and your neighbors. There are several good reasons as to why you should want to trim your tree on a regular basis:

●    It gives your tree its proper shape

●    Stimulates new growth

●    Removes branches that are potential hazards

●    Helps with sun absorption

●    Increases air circulation

●    Opens up your property

●    Helps the tree fight against diseases

●    Improves the trees root health

Tree Trimming Near Me

Any Extra Costs

Some services that may increase the total cost of your tree trimming project. In most cases if its an emergency after hours or outside of regular business hours expect to pay around $250 per hour for emergency tree trimming services. If you have broken or dead limbs and you want them cleared for a large tree, you could pay around $1000. If a company doesn't have a truck, they will use tree climbers that usually will be more it could move up to around $1,500.

Tree Trimming Cost Guide

Should you get your trees trimmed?

If you don’t know if your trees need to be trimmed or not, most tree service companies are happy to come out to see the tree, evaluate the tree, and give you a quote for free. They aren’t able to give you a quote over the phone, if they do you should be cautious of the cost you get, because most legit tree service companies will need to see the tree. They will let you know of any potential threats the tree might pose and will let you know if a branch is at risk. Overall you need an entire tree trimmed or multiple trees trimmed they will be able to access the tree, they will know what branches need to be trimmed to put it in shape and maintain its health. They will also be able to provide you with a tree trimming quote.

Should you trim your own trees?

It is recommended by tree service experts, you should only trim your own trees if:

●    The branches of the tree are in an easily accessible place and that the branches are of a manageable size.

●    You have the proper equipment needed, such as thick gloves, safety glasses, a long sleeve shirt, an extendable cutting tool, and the proper saws, to avoid damaging the tree.

●    You have confidence in your overall tree trimming ability.

●    There is someone to help you and supervise during the project.

How to get a tree trimming quote

1.    Look at your trees and decide which ones need to be trimmed.

2.   Do some research on tree service companies and read their reviews.

3.   Call and get a couple bids (2 or 3).

4.   Don’t go for the low bid. Be cautious of low bids.

5.   Look at all of the little costs on the bid, make sure you ask questions, and get answers, they should explain each service and cost to you.

6.   Hire the tree service company you feel most comfortable with that is right for you.

Tree Trimming Cost

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