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Tree Removal Cost - Ultimate Tree Removal Cost Near Me Guide 2021

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Tree Removal Cost - Average Cost of Tree Removal Near Me - Cost Guide 2021

How Much Does Tree Removal Near Me Cost?

Searching on Google for tree removal cost? It’s difficult to give a price on tree removal, it would be strange if a company is able to give you a price over the phone without actually seeing the tree. Some companies can give you a general idea or price range of what to expect. The best way is to have a professional see the details of the job and give you a quote on tree removal cost.

Tree Removal Cost - Near Me

We recommend hiring a professional tree removal service for this type of project. HGTV says you may want to consider and expert as well. There are so many variables the size, diameter, and location of your tree will determine the cost of tree removal.

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The Average Cost for Tree Removal is Between $300 - $2,500

What is Typically Included with Basic Tree Removal Services?

There are many different aspects to removing a tree. There is a process that most tree service companies will follow. Obviously, the tree will need to be cut down. Usually, the tree service company will have to use rope to rope down certain pieces of the tree, then cut it into more manageable pieces. In most cases, everything will be hauled away (this should be included in your quote). If you have more questions about what to ask or how to go about hiring a tree service company see the Guide on Hiring Tree Services for details.

The taller and thicker the tree, the more it will cost.

A 25-foot tall tree could cost around $300-$800.

A tree between 25-75 feet tall could cost around $800-$1200.

A 75-foot tree could cost $1,500 or more.

Other Things That Go into Tree Removal Cost:


If a tree is easily accessible the cost will be lower compared to a tree that it is hard to get to the location. An example, if a tree is between two houses with a fence nearby and some of the trees are hanging over the house. Removing the tree will be more difficult which adds time and more labor to the job to make sure it's done right.

Height of the tree

The taller the tree the more costly it will be to remove. Some tree service companies will charge based on a per-foot basis. In general, a small tree is considered a tree that is less than 30 feet tall. A medium-sized tree would be between 30 and 60 feet tall, and a large tree will stand 60 to 80 feet tall. Some very tall trees depending on where you live can grow to over 80 feet tall. Tree service companies will use these ranges to generalize trees and have a guide for what they might charge for tree removal cost.

The diameter of the tree

The trees thickness, the thicker the tree the more it will take to remove time and labor. A tall skinny tree will be much easier and faster to take down that a thicker shorter tree. This has an effect on the hours and labor you pay to get the job done along with the tree removal cost. If a trunk needs to be cut into sections for it to be managed, usually this will have to be done, it will add more time to the job. Hardwood trees such as oak also make the job harder and will add more time and labor.

Location of the tree

The tree's location can affect the price and cost of tree removal. A tree that is a safe distance away from buildings, power lines, fences, etc, will be much easier to manage than a tree that is right next to your house or close to a power line weaving in and out of branches. Some tree service companies don’t even want to work with trees intermingled into power lines because it will require certified lineman to handle anything too close to power lines. If the tree is too close to a property, fence, shed, etc. the branches will have to be lowered with a rope instead of just being cut down. Cutting a tree down that is by things that you wouldn't want to be damaged either can make things much harder, therefore, complicating the job even more. If a tree is easy to get to from the ground like in an open space in a front or back yard, typically this is best and isn't a factor. Cutting the crown and the higher branches are usually easy to accomplish with a bucket truck. Certain branches might require a climber to get into the tree to access certain branches or limbs. If they provide chipping, it will cost most of the branches need to be dragged and put into a chipper, shorter distances are better than if they have to drag them 50 or 100 yards.

Condition of the tree

The trees' condition can play a part in the tree removal cost as well. If a tree is in a dangerous state they need to be inspected by an Arborist. A tree that looks to be leaning should be inspected by a professional prior to removal to determine how it should be taken down. There are several factors that go into trees' conditions. History -- How has the tree been cared for? Recent construction near the roots, any landscaping done near the tree can affect the sturdiness of the stance of the tree. Lean -- All trees don't grow straight up. A tree with a slight lean in the trunk is expected, but a substantial lean along with roots exposed and cracks on the ground by it can mean a serious problem. Multiple Trunks -- Some trees can split off into two or more trunks. If these big trunks are weak they could crack and fall during the removal process. Weak Branches -- A branch that has a tight V-shaped connection at the trunk it’s more prone to cracking and breaking, making it highly more hazardous. Cavities and Decay -- This can be a serious condition and will compromise the structure and stance of the tree, this can create weak spots that can affect the tree removal process as well.

Time of Removal

Tree removal is best done in a tree's dormant state. The dormant season is between February and March. Removing trees in the winter months when tree service companies are slower, less busy can impact the price and cost of tree removal which could make it much less costly.

Equipment needed

Tree removal costs will always be cheaper when standard equipment can be used during the tree removal process. If the location and access to the tree are preventing the usage of the right equipment and specialized equipment is needed will increase the tree removal cost. It will take much longer to complete the job and if maneuvering in and out of tight spots this can add costs as well.

Small Tree Removal Cost

The average cost for small tree removal trees that are less than 25 feet tall tends to cost between $300 and $800 on average. The removal of the tree isn't as difficult, but if you want that tree transplanted in a new location will be much more. Choosing the right location, the direction it faces, whether or not it needs sun or not. Small trees that are 10 feet and under are usually easier to transplant. The root system on trees over 10 feet tall tend to be harder to work with and will increase the cost.

Medium Tree Removal Cost

The average cost of medium tree removal is $800 to $1500 the variance will be in the height of the tree. Medium-sized trees range from 30 and 60 feet. If you want the tree stump removed, getting rid of the debris after the removal, and clean up after can increase the costs. When you get quotes, make sure to know whether or not they are removing the stump as well, most bids will not include tree stump removal. This can vary per company so be sure to tell them what you want done to get accurate quotes and tree removal cost.

Large Tree Removal Cost

The average cost to remove large trees is between $1500-$2500, these trees are considering to be from 60 to 80 feet tall in height and might require additional work. There are a couple of reasons one might remove a large tree, these long-living trees are removed in many cases due to:

  • Storm damage, big branches have broken off or the entire tree from its root system has blown over.
  • Infected with diseases or pests
  • Close to power lines or underground pipes that can get damaged

These large trees can be dangerous to remove trees of this size and weight. It is recommending to work with a professional tree service company to ensure safety.

Very Large Tree Removal Cost

The average cost of very large tree removal is usually going to cost between $2500-$3500. These trees are considered to be very large due to their height 80-120 feet tall. These are the most difficult to remove due to their length. Specific types of trees like American Ash, Bur Oak, and Maples can reach 100 plus feet tall and they are some of the hardest of trees to remove. They are complicated if there are power lines nearby, they have deep and elaborate root systems due to their age and height. Specialized equipment is needed to take these skyscrapers down. It will be expensive to tree remove costs due to the trees because it's very complex and labor-intensive.

Typical Tree Removal Costs By Species

Pine Tree Removal Cost

The average cost of pine tree removal is around $400 if the tree is 40 feet tall, but these trees can get up to 80-foot tall, these pine trees will cost about $2000 due to the height and risk involved.

Oak Tree Removal Cost

Oaks can reach up to 60 feet in height, the average cost of oak tree removal is $500 to $1,500. Oak trees are of very strong wood, these trees are not to be taken lightly, they are strong and girthy trees. It’s best to hire a professional tree service company to come in and do this job. The right type of heavy-duty equipment is needed depending on the type of oak tree you have and how tall the tree is. These are factors when it comes to tree removal cost.

Palm Tree Removal Cost

The average palm tree removal cost is about $300 to $700 to remove if the tree is 30 feet tall. There is some palm tree that gets 80 feet tall plus, you could spend $1,200 to $2000 to have a professional remove a palm tree of this height. Palm trees have teeth on them, meaning they will have to be roped down instead of cut down with chainsaws. Taller palm trees get heavier the taller they get adding more weight making them harder to manage. Their roots will endure a bunch of stress and cause them to eventually break, falling into fences, homes, vehicles, etc. It’s recommended to have an Arborist come in and use the proper techniques to avoid issues.

Fallen Tree Removal Cost

The average cost of fallen tree removal is much less, depending on its size and what type of tree, expect to pay between $150 to $300. A fallen tree is less costly to remove due to most of the leg work being done. If a large tree is downed, Popular Mechanics says there are 6 things to know about when dealing with downed tree limbs. There might be extra costs to have certain branches removed, cut up to manageable pieces so it can be hauled away. Then, if there is a stump remaining where the tree broke off, removing the stump might cause the need for stump grinding which can increase costs by $100-$200, depending on the height and diameter of the remaining stump.

Other Common Tree Types

There may be another kind of you’d like removed. This table can give you an overview of several other types and how much you can expect to pay to get rid of them.

Tree Type

Average Cost





Red Oak


American Ash


How To Save Money On Tree Removal

Although DIY tree removal is not the wisest move to make as a homeowner, there are a variety of other ways you can save money to cut the cost which includes:

Doing Certain Things Yourself

Remove the stump on your own or leave it on the ground when the job is complete. You can also clear the site for your tree service company by removing any debris, tree limbs and branches, sticks, etc.

Schedule Service In The Winter Time

Winter is considered the “off-season” for tree service companies, so you may be able to get a much better price if you schedule tree removal during the colder winter months' time of the year.

Save The Wood For Firewood

Firewood can be used to either sell yourself or use yourself to build a cozy fire, make custom furniture, or a multitude of other things people can use the wood for, especially dependent on the type of wood. You can always save the wood from your tree removal project or try to sell it on the side.

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