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Arborist Creed Badge

Arborist Creed Badge

Hire industry experts that are dedicated to their craft, that truly love trees, and live to make their customers happy. True professionals are principle-driven, there are many professions that stand by a set of principles and use it to guide them throughout their career. Ex: military, physicians, lawyers, police officers, and judges.

Let’s define the word Arborist and the word Creed for better understanding.

arborist noun
ar•bor•ist: a specialist in the care and maintenance of trees

creed noun
ˈkrēd: a set of fundamental beliefs also: a guiding principle.

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When you see The Arborist Creed badge on a company profile, it gives you peace of mind in knowing you're hiring a company in which the company and its employees are committed to these 10 principles of practice below. 

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Arborist Creed Badge "10 Principles of Practice"

1. We will keep the thought that trees are our friends, since the beginning of time they have provided food, shelter, clothing, and oxygen; that in all ways they make the world a better place for all living things.

2. We will do everything in our power to subdue pests and diseases of trees, and obviate unfavorable conditions in their environments.

3. We will endeavor to impact a just appreciation and understanding of trees as living things; to those with whom we come in contact with but will divulge our knowledge of trees only to those fit and ready to receive it.

4. We will not treat a tree for pay if we are convinced that the tree is dying and we cannot save it. Neither will we leave a tree or branch that is a menace to life or property without disclosing the danger to all parties concerned; and suggesting the means of its safety.

5. We will not knowingly use injurious or useless materials or methods in the trimming, removal, or treatment of trees or shrubbery; or allow it to be done by others under our charge.

6. We will perform all services pertaining to our profession to the best of our ability at the time we deem most suitable to gain the best results.

7. If we discover a tree with an incurable disease or an uncontrollable insect pest that may threaten surrounding trees, we will make the proper persons aware of the condition so that the menace may be promptly attended to; you will be made aware.

8. We will constantly strive to improve our craft.

9. We will at all times conduct ourselves that our craft shall merit the highest respect and esteem for all persons.

10. Our fellow-workers and competitors, if they are true craftsmen, have like problems or issues, we will accord them the same consideration that we expect ourselves.

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