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Stump Grinding Cost Guide

Stump Removal Services

After cutting down a tree, there is still work that needs to be done. There’s still a tree stump that is left above ground that still needs to be removed. In most cases, chopping or sawing down a tree is the easy part. Removing the stump is the hard part.

Tree stump removal costs will range and is dependent on various things, a big factor on costs is whether you do it yourself or if you hire a professional. Knowing ahead of time the costs affiliated with tree stump removal, you can avoid unwanted situations that can pop up during the process. The stump removal

cost guide below will help you to better understand this type of project and the costs associated with tree stump removal.

The average cost to remove a tree stump will typically range from $60 to $350 per stump, this is dependent on a variety of factors, such as the overall size of the stump and how much time it will take to extract. In many cases the average removal cost breaks down to approximately $2 to $3 per diameter of the stump. If you do this project yourself, if might only cost you about $75 to $150.

Stump Grinding Cost Guide

Average Stump Removal Cost

The size of the stump and the time that it takes to get the job done are real factors to the cost. The average cost to remove a stump that takes 2-3 hours to extract may be on the high end of that range and increase to $200-$300. Stump removal prices can vary and usually pricing is based on size and time.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Stump Removal:

●    The diameter of the stump

●    The age of the tree

●    What type of soil

●    What type of tree

●    The root system size, depth, and width

●    The health of the stump

●    Total number of stumps

DIY Stump Removal vs Professional Stump Removal

The first thing to decide on would be is this a project you could do yourself or would it be better to hire an experienced profession to remove your tree stump. One may think there isn’t that big a difference in price in hiring a professional or renting a stump grinder and having to do it yourself. If you are confident and want to complete this type of project yourself you should read up on DIY stump removal.There are a bunch of things to consider that are important which could increase the total cost of the project. Time is money and if you do it yourself not only are you renting the equipment, but the time needed to pick it up, the time it takes to complete the project, then dropping it back off.  If you want the work done quickly, done right and efficiently, it would be best handled by a professional stump removal company. In most cases the extra money you would invest in a professional plus the time and energy you would save is far worth it.

Stump Removal Cost

Professional Stump Removal Prices

Nationally, the average price for hiring a professional stump removal service hovers around $165, and it usually takes about an hour or so. Tree Service companies do this type of work, many of these professionals have the equipment and staff to handle these projects efficiently. Most tree service companies that do stump removal, for large stumps will use stump grinders. There are several things that companies base their quote by:

●    By Diameter – You can expect to pay around $2-$3 per inch of diameter, most companies a minimum of $100. If you are being charged based on the diameter of the stump that needs to be removed.

●    By Total Number of Stumps – Usually if you have more than one stump that needs to be extracted, some companies will offer you a discount on each stump that needs to be removed. As an example, you could be charged $100 to $150 for the first stump and then an extra $30 and $50 for each additional stump that needs to be removed.

●    Small Stumps vs. Large Stumps- The size of the tree stump matters. This is said due to most tree stump removal services charge by diameter between $2 and $5 per diameter inch. This affects the price when larger tree stumps need to be removed. The larger tree stumps typically have complex root systems. These larger tree stumps could take much longer to extract therefore the charge may increase to between $100 to $200 per hour for root removal, if roots to a certain extent need to be removed as well.

●    Geographic Location- Your location will affect the pricing in two ways: the market costs and the travel time. In most cases tree service companies have a minimum project cost of $100 within their service area. The market you are in, if you live in a bigger metro area, more urban area where permitting is required, how accessible the job is, insurance and the company's overhead all can increase costs. More rural areas, outside of the metro area tend to cheaper, but companies still will have a $100 minimum per job.

●    Type of Tree- Since most professionals charge per diameter inch or per stump, regardless of the tree type. The tree type usually have no effect on pricing, a stump grinder can eat through just about any kind of tree at the same rate. What will however affect the price, is some professionals may charge more for certain tree types that they find to be more difficult to remove. This is why we recommend you get a tree stump removal quote, so you can get the exact pricing. The trunk and root system of many dense hardwoods, like oak, hickory, birch, aspen, and elms might require much more time for the grinder to eat through. Thin trees with soft bark like pine or palm trees are much easier to eat through may be less.

●    Clearing Land – In the event that you need land cleared, there could be a large number of tree stumps that need to be removed dependent on the density of trees and size to be cleared. These land clearing projects are usually done on a per hour basis. The average cost for land clearing is  around $150 per hour. This fee is typically based on the average diameter of all the tree stumps that need to be removed. If the average diameter is  10 inches and you have 200 tree stumps, that's 2000 inches need to be  cleared. At $2 per inch, you can expect to pay $4,000.

Stump Removal Cost

Factors that May Affect the Cost of a Professional Stump Removal Service

●    Stump Diameter – Larger diameter tree stumps will result into higher prices.

●    Age of Stump – Older tree stumps are usually rotted and much easier to grind down.

●    Soil Condition – Rocky soil that could damage equipment, so you might be charged more if this is the case.

●    Type of Tree Stump – Certain types of tree stumps are tougher to grind than others.

●    Root System – Tree stumps with smaller root stumps are cheaper to remove than larger tree stumps with more complex root systems.

●    Cleanup – If you want the ground-up stump debris, it gets shredding to wood chips just about, if you want that to be removed as well, you will pay more.

DIY Tree Stump Removal Prices

The national average for removing a stump yourself is about $100, but it usually will take an average of around 3 hours to complete the project. Most home improvement stores or equipment rental stores rent out hydraulic stump grinders for half or full day time frames. According to Popular Mechanics renting a stump grinder usually ranges $100 to $190 for a full day is $150-$400.

The Limitations of Removing a Tree Stump Yourself

Even when hydraulic tree stump grinders are available for rent, these types of stump grinders are built to handle very small stumps and softer wood tree stumps as well. The rental fee to most is only worth it if you plan to remove multiple stumps. On top of that, you will need a trailer hitch in order to get it to its location for usage if not, you would have to pay more for it to be delivered to a specific location.

In going through this, the cost to remove a tree stump yourself can depend on a bunch of different factors, such as how much you value your time and energy to do this project yourself. The total cost to have a tree stump removed will be more if you have a professional tree service company do it, but you will save time, energy, hassle, and it will be done right. Unless you have a smaller stump to remove, it’s recommended to hire a company to do it for you is the best option.

Should I Have My Stump Removed?

This is a good question to ask yourself if you’ve recently had a tree removed, but not the tree stump? There are different reasons you could be left with a tree stump, if a tree fell during a storm and now just the stump remains. Maybe, you bought a house or are looking to buy a house with a tree stump or two. Whatever the reason for you looking into getting a tree stump removed, it’s there right now. Stumps usually remain after a tree gets cut down, most people focus on the top part of tree removal and forget they will be left with a stump above ground that needs to be removed or extracted as well.

Common reasons for stump removal:

Stumps can create new tree growth. Over a period of time, you might see sprouts coming out of the tree stump itself or off to the side of the tree stump. The stump might dead, but this isn't the case. The tree stump has a root system that isn't visible and these roots can create problems with not only new growth, but roots that are exposed above ground level can be a hazard and these roots underground can impact pipes.

Stumps can rot. A tree stump will slowly rot and decay over time. Rotting tree stumps can attract bugs and pests that eat on dead wood, which will bring them closer to your living environment. This isn’t preferred by most, due to some pest and insects can be problematic to things close to or by your home as well

Stumps are ugly. They are just plain ugly to look at, especially if they are rotting away. The people that live on your street, neighbors, those that come to visit probably don’t want to see this landscape decoration.

Stumps take up space. A stump can take up space, for those with dogs or kids, if you want to entertain or do activities its hard when stumps are nearby occupying space. Mowing the yard, maneuvering around them and tree stumps will roots that come up take more ground space.

Stumps can be dangerous. A tree stump that remains, especially a stump that is low to the ground making them hard to see is dangerous. Someone can trip and fall on it or near it on your property which is a liability, this is a hazard and risk that should be removed.

Watch out for Low Prices

Be weary of low prices, quotes that seem too good to be true. With many services, not just the tree service industry there are companies that try to secure jobs with super low prices. It’s recommended to work with trustworthy tree service companies with good reviews that are transparent usually will tell you upfront they are licensed and insured to protect you if something gets damaged during the project or an injury occurs. Plus, they need to protect their equipment as well and will carry certain levels of liability insurance. With legit tree service companies these will factor into their rates. Low bids that are too good to be true could mean the company might be not forthright about something or not have the protections and coverage which puts you at risk. In the event of an accident or a disagreement about the work to be done, if something gets damaged on your property this leaves you responsible.

Multiple Bids

If you get several quotes, there is a likelihood that those bids will not be the same. venture out and obtain multiple bids, there is a strong likelihood that those bids will not be the same. This is because each tree service company will analyze the job in a different way and price the work according to what it would take them to complete the job. This is why doing your research and working with the right company is imperative. If you want quality work, then you need a quality professional to be confident that the job will be done the right way.

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