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Looking for tree service marketing? Arborists Near me has over 300 tree services listed. Get direct inbound phone calls, right from your company profile page. Phone calls go straight to you, no middleman. Tree service marketing is crucial for any business to grow. Arborists Near Me is just $19.99 per month, no contract, no setup fee, get listed in up to 20 cities to target homeowners in specific areas. After consulting with dozens of top tree service companies in the U.S. understand how they do their marketing and advertising locally we've boiled it down to the 4 best tree service marketing strategies and 1 is a low cost, but is the best-kept secret used by many tree service companies that do $1 million-plus in annual sales and that is "Directories".

The best low-cost method of tree service marketing is directories. Directories are low cost many of them are less than $200 for a year of advertising, sites like Yelp, Home Advisor, Arborists Near Me, etc. Tree care company owners realize that most tree service jobs can generate $300-$1800 profit according to Home Guide, directories are by far the best due to their low-cost high return on investment. If you spend $200 for premium listing in Arborists Near Me and get even 3-4 jobs a year you are still very profitable as an example. 

Most of the tree service companies use the same strategies to generate more leads, but when these strategies are over-used by everyone, they become less effective. So instead of going with the flow, you should create your own best plan for tree service marketing.

Everything you need to know about Tree Service Marketing

So let’s see some of the best marketing strategies to get more people coming to your tree company.

1. - Lead Generation for Tree Service Marketing

Lead generation is a great method for tree service marketing. It is another free of cost and effective method for Tree Service Leads generation. Your customers will happily do it for you. Once you get a satisfied client, you can ask them to Refer Your Tree Company to their friends who need the service. 

83% of people rely on the opinions of family and friends to make purchasing decisions. You are not just begging for referrals, but you are earning it by giving a little commission to your referrer. This is another reason why reason, why online reviews are so important, keeping a 4 star to 5-star rating online throughout your tree service marketing, is vital, reviews act as referrals. As an example look at Timberjak Tree Service their listing in Arborists Near Me has 97 reviews 5 of 5 stars. 

You can make an offer to your every client when their work is completed to give you a review and mention your referral program, For example, If they refer your services to someone and that person get ready to work with your tree company then in return you have to give some commission to the referrer. It's proven that referrals pay more, so why not get referrals according to thinkJar Research 55% of people are willing to pay more for a guaranteed pleasant experience. 

That commission can vary from 5% or 10% of the total money that a new client spends. In this way, your satisfied client will surely refer you to many people, and you will grow without any effort. Just keep multiplying the number of customers and generate more leads. With tree service customers they will need your services every 1 to 2 years typically why not reward your loyal customers. Studies show that customers that have an emotional connection to your business have a lifetime value 4 times higher than your average customer. 

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2 - Facebook Marketing for Tree Service Marketing

Tree service marketing through the Facebook platform is a great way to kick-start your business. It is suitable for almost any kind of business because people from many backgrounds are already on Facebook. You have just to make a good strategy for Facebook marketing, and you will see the results.

Facebook can help your tree service business in many ways. You can unlock new opportunities with your happy and new customers. Facebook can be efficient in the following methods.


  • Keep your Customers Engaged
  • Spread information about your Company
  • Make yourself a Brand
  • Run cheapest ads to reach your Audience


If you are thinking to run an advertising campaign around your tree company, then it’s a really good idea. Facebook facilitates you with tools to check your ad performance, and you can target your selected Audience in a selected area for better results. It’s cheap than other paid advertising techniques. 

You can place your website link on your Facebook page. People can directly come to your website to buy your services, or you can provide your phone number on your page so that everybody can easily dial your number to hire you.


3 - Google My Business for Tree Service Marketing

You must as a part of your tree service marketing, list your business on Google My Business. It’s free, but there are a lot of benefits associated with it, especially to rank for local searches.

Imagine someone is searching for a “tree company” on Google. The results will be based upon the location of the searcher. If your company is listed on Google My Business, then it may appear on the top of local search results.  

It’s not always easy to rank for local searchers, especially if you have various competitors in the same area. People may search for different local keywords to get tree services, and you have to rank yourself for some of those local search terms called keywords. 

 Here’s what you need to list yourself for local search terms around Tree company business. 


  • Business Name: Your Google Business name should be exactly the same as your real business name; otherwise, it is of no use.


  • Phone #: Phone numbers are important because many people may prefer to call you directly. They may not use your website. So always put your correct business phone number there.


  • Address: Your Business address should never be faked. You must provide your actual address in order to get the best results.


  • Include Categories: Tree companies provide many services related to plants and trees. So you should specify everything there.


  • Use Photos: You should use your business images to make your listing more attractive. People may contact you if they like the way your team is working in images.


  • Business Hours: Always include your Business hours and days when you are open to new work. People will contact you according to your listed time on Google My Business. 

There are other listings available as well, such as Yelp, etc but most directories will list all types of businesses, plumbers, roofers, etc. if you are serious about your tree service marketing then you must get listed on Arborists Near Me, specifically made for Tree Companies. It is the best website that can help you to generate more leads by just listing your company correctly on their website. 

People can find your company based upon their selected location and they are more likely to hire you because you are now listed on a website that is Specifically Helping Tree Companies to grow. Sign Up now to generate more leads.


4 - Video Marketing for Tree Service Marketing

Another best way for tree service marketing, Video Marketing helps you to engage better with your audience. You have to upload meaningful videos on YouTube that may help any of your viewers. Once your video brings value to anybody, people will be more likely to hire you because now they trust you.

You can reach many people by just using video marketing alone, and if you are successful in growing your channel, then it will payback for a very long time. Just provide value in your specific niche and wait for the Audience to make a move. 

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