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St. Petersburg Tree Trimming

Even the healthiest of trees will require tree trimming every one in and awhile. There is a range of problems and issues that could be avoided or mitigated by careful pruning and trimming dead, dying, or diseased limbs and branches which if done properly can save a tree that would have left unattended die which removing a dead tree could cost you as the homeowner more money down the road. St. Petersburg tree trimming would have been much less of an investment if you took it ahead of time. If you want to improve the well-being of your trees and property, or if you are worried about a specific problem in your tree whether it be disease or branches that could break if a heavy wind comes through then you're in the right place. Arborists Near Me can help. Every month thousands of homeowners come to our site looking for tree trimming professionals, get up to 3 free quotes for tree trimming in St. Petersburg today. 

Tree Pruning in St. Petersburg

All trees are similar to any other living thing, they live and grow in a seasonal cycle that determines when it is best to administer different types of care and treatment. Seasonal tree care is very specific to the time of year, different types of trees have different needs as an example, pine trees are dormant in the winter which means the insects and predators are also dormant during this time of year making it the best time to trim and prune pine trees. 

Winter is the best time for St. Petersburg tree trimming, especially so when a tree requires larger cuts and more serious trimming. If you need aggressive tree trimming which is removing more than 20% of the branches and limbs then it's recommended doing this in the wintertime. However, flowering trees should be trimmed in the spring, fairly quickly right after the blossoms have fallen from the tree. Summer is generally not the best time for tree trimming. Why you ask, it’s when trees new growth sprout, however, it is safe to remove any dead wood.

Why Tree Trimming in St. Petersburg is Important?

Some forms of tree trimming in St. Petersburg are aimed to reduce or correct structural issues in a tree and encourage a better more vibrant growth which helps the trees overall health long term. If a tree's crown becomes overly dense, crisscrossing branches, branches in inconvenient or dangerous locations like sidewalks, driveways, blocking signs, overly large or heavy branches that obstruct sightlines or block sunlight, and trees that are starting to lean over buildings and living areas can all be addressed by corrective tree trimming. Trimming and pruning are essentially the same because both help the tree and the tree owner avoid problems in the future. Keep everyone on your property and trees safe. It's the responsible thing homeowners could do. 

You have to realize that storm damage and high wind damage can be reduced by hiring a St. Petersburg tree trimming, pruning, and Arborist service. Particularly during the storm season which in many states is during the spring and summer months, the storm season, heavy rain, and wind can damage trees and break branches causing destruction to whatever is underneath. If you take advantage of tree trimming, reshaping the tree can make it better able to survive the spring and summer without sustaining injuries, limbs breaking which depending on the location of the tree could end up on your car which would be an even bigger problem. If a tree has been heavily affected by disease and insects, trimming the infected branches can slow or even stop the spread of the decay from spreading throughout the tree, preventing the infectious organism from moving on to the rest of the tree as well as nearby trees in your yard causing further problems. Some types of insect infestations and parasites can also be removed by carefully timed tree pruning done right.

St. Petersburg Tree Trimming vs Do It Yourself (DIY)

Many exterior home improvement activities that involve the care and improvement of your yard will include the trees and plants on your property which some of this can be done as a homeowner. However, tree trimming depending on the height of the tree, species of the tree, the number of trees you are caring for might not always be a good do-it-yourself project. St. Petersburg tree trimming frequently involves removing and transporting large, thick heavy branches, you have to realize some branches can weigh hundreds of pounds also even removing small amounts of branches and limbs from a tree require working at great heights. Trained professional tree trimmers and climbers can operate far from the ground using modern safety equipment and techniques to minimize the risk of falls and other injuries. If a tree is over 10 feet tall homeowners should consider hiring a company, even if you can work with a ladder it comes down to having experience in working with heavy thick branches in midair could be the problem so having knowledge in the field helps.

Unless the homeowners are planning to remove branches small enough that a pair of pruning shears and also dealing with a tree that is a reasonable height under 10 feet tall homeowners feel confident to complete the job. Hiring a St. Petersburg tree trimming, pruning, and Arborist involves the company using powerful equipment like chainsaws, heavy power tools, climbing equipment, rope-and-tackle systems, and sometimes small tractors and cranes depending on the scope of work. Attempting to use smaller tools in addition to not having the experience necessary to remove branches can cause serious injuries and accidents which happen all the time every year no damage can occur to yourself and the tree. The equipment that is needed to do aggressive tree trimming requires personal protective equipment, training, experience, and careful attention to safety procedures in which hiring a tree trimming company makes sense. It removed the liability from you due to their extensive experience and training doing this every day. It's recommended when hiring a company to verify they have insurance and are insured, on Arborists Near Me you can see on each company's profile if this is the case, but always ask to double-check for assurance. 

St. Petersburg Tree Trimming Rules and Regulations

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI – formerly known as the National Bureau of Standards) has for a long time now issued a set of national tree pruning guidelines and principles called ANSI A300 which layout industry standards for the best practices and safest pruning methods to perform tree service in safe manners. Among these precise standards are the need to trim trees frequently and make smaller cuts, rather than large, aggressive, extensive tree trimming and pruning jobs that are only done infrequently, this is known to cause serious health problems for your tree and increase the risk of injury. These ANSI standards describe where and how much a tree should be cut, and forbids St. Petersburg tree trimming, pruning, and Arborists to use climbing spikes, which cause open wounds and can introduce disease or other health issues with the tree. Arborists Near Me tree service companies should understand these standards are true professionals, if you ask companies if they comply with ANSI A300 as well as any local ordinances relating to tree trimming and they do then you can rest assured you are dealing with a great tree trimming company.

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