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Posted 01/08/2020 in Tree Service Marketing

Top 3 Tree Service Logo Design Makers Online

Top 3 Tree Service Logo Design Makers Online

Are you looking to create a custom tree service logo? Whether your a brand new tree service company or an established veteran tree care service you need a professional logo that separates you from your competitors. In our site Arborists Near Me we have hundreds of tree service companies listed and have come across thousands of logos over the years. In talking to business owners we understand creating a logo can be an intimidating task, you can try to do it yourself or pay a company that has experience in building stellar logos. 

Why Create a Tree Service Logo?

A logo is a representation of your company, it gives your business an identity. The logo is not just a basic image that you stick on your website, business cards, shirts, or vehicles. Not having a logo is sad as a business owner, how can you not have a logo for your business?

A logo is what visually attracts customers to your business. People see and gravitate to your logo, it's the first thing most potential customers see, then they’ll probably want to read your reviews if you have any. 

How to Create Your Own Tree Service Logo

Some business owners will have an idea of a logo and are wondering how to create their own logo, we’ve got you covered. Here are some steps we recommend to take if you choose to create your own logo: 

  • Research Your Competitors

It’s important to research your competition. You should look online, do a Google Search click on some websites on the first few pages of Google too see what other tree service companies logos look like. It’s great what you can learn from competitors that might already be successful. You will see some good ones and some bad ones, but keep in mind what you like and inspires you. Plus, you don’t want a logo that is similar to another company so research is an essential step to make sure you are differentiating yourself and your business enough from everyone else in your industry.

  • Establish Your Message

When brainstorming what kind of tree service logo you want, think about several key aspects and characteristics of your company. How do you want these things  represented in your logo? How can all these things your voice, tone, mission, and vision come across through your logo?

  • Conceptualize Your Ideas

Take some time to plan, think on it, you could even sketch out a few versions of your tree service logo. See what different fonts, images, and using various color schemes would look like. Narrowing it down to 3 or 4 designs wouldn’t hurt before you settle on one yourself.  

  • Gather Feedback

An important step that 99% miss is gathering feedback. They make a logo and just immediately use what they think. You should want to know what other people think about your logo, you could even ask family members, friends, people that work for you how they perceive it. Be sure you get feedback from people you trust who you feel with give you honest and upfront feedback. 

  • Create Your Final Design

As you can see, designing a tree service logo has a lot of thought that goes into it, in most cases a tree service company will use their logo for years so why not invest some time. We’ll share several online logo making sites you can use that require little experience. Take the time to follow these steps prior and you should end up with something you like. 

If not, reach out to us and we can help. We have designed dozens of logos for some great tree service companies. If you plan on hiring us for tree service logo design, depending on the details we charge $100 but we’ve had a few custom projects with animation and 3D design up to $500 for professional logo design. If we design a logo it takes several days, we go through a similar process, get multiple designs, transparent logos for newsletters, email marketing, shirts and other branding materials, etc. It will be in different formats to end up with a beautiful and professional looking logo for your tree service company.

List of Online Tree Service Logo Makers


Hatchful is a great online logo maker that helps to make designing a logo easy. It’s fairly simple to use, based on your preferences and answering a few questions it spits out some unique designs to choose from. First, you choose the space your business is in, then you choose the visual look and style you are going for, after that you enter your business name and slogan. At the end a variety of logos will be at your disposal for choosing that you can then edit according to your liking. Mess around with the colors, fonts, different icons, etc. until you are happy with the end result. 

Price: Free.


Most people know Canva as a social media tool, but it’s a great logo maker. It has a drag and drop feature for those with no design experience. The process is simple, they have over 100 templates to choose from. You simply enter your name to get started, answer a few questions after that and start your logo search. It will ask you questions to give you recommendations like your industry, pick from the available template options based on your industry. The best part is Canva logos can come in high resolution at no extra cost. Use the free logo creator with minimal design knowledge.

Price: Free.


Ucraft is a website builder company that also offers the ability to design a free logo, the logo maker tool is open to the public. You can create a wide range of logos with all types of icons, shapes, and text. We recommend Ucraft for people that like icons and a more simple to modern design as a tree service logo. With this easy-to-use logo creator, you can design and export your logo in less than 10 minutes. It is required to make an account in order to download the logo at the end, but that’s a small price to pay for a free nice modern looking logo in under 10 minutes. It will allow you to get a transparent .PNG high-resolution file for free which needed for other things related to marketing. 

Price: Free.

We End With This...

We get it, whether your just starting out or an established tree service business, running a business has it challenges. Over the last several months we've noticed a number of tree service companies that get listed in our our site have basic logos that don’t make our site look nice. We prefer to have tree service companies listed that understand the value of their branding.  If you are an established company looking to get in front of more customers we can help or maybe your a new company entering the tree service industry, either way you are here because you want a logo for your business. The key is getting found by customers to show your company logo, get phone calls and jobs coming in. A listing in Arborists Near Me is just $19.99 per month, no per call charges. 90% of the people that come to our site will search their area and call the company they choose directly. This is why having a logo is important. Learn more and click here tree service leads 

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