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8 Design Tips for Tree Service Websites - Get More Leads

Looking for a tree service website and tree service website design tips? If you look at our website Arborists Near Me, the design, layout, page design, ebooks, lead magnets, we advise tree service companies on website design. Over 250 tree service companies are listed on our site and trust us to help them advertise to local consumers. The key to a successful website is on-page and off-page SEO. Creating a company profile page on Arborists Near Me linking your website will help your website SEO. In addition having resources and credibility links that show you are trusted, local, and credible. Another important component of a successful tree service website is reviews, reviews on your site and reviews from outside sources which is another great asset of Arborists Near Me. 

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The hardest thing for any tree service business is to stand out from your competition regardless if you're a smaller outfit or large company doing $5M a year in sales. A great tree service website design will allow you to separate yourself from the competition and keep customers engaged. The way to do this is through a tree service website, with a great design that coincides with a great marketing strategy so instead of just relying on a website you have a variety of traffic generating tools to have fish jumping in the boat. As a small to medium-sized business spending money on advertising is smart but you don't want to be dumb with how you spent it. TV, the radio, newspapers are the 90’s way of advertising when the internet wasn't invented. You want to invest money into marketing that gives you the best chance to convert the customer, online marketing a website with the right content allows you to do just that. want to spend your money on ad placements where there is a high likelihood of converting.

The first step as a tree service business is to have a great website design that advertises your business in a smooth way to keep current and future clients. Your website is a full-time salesman, it’s an online salesperson for your company. Imagine if you're lunch or eating dinner off job sites but your website is still generating traffic to your business and converting those customers into leads. That's not true for your website but also other online directories and sites you might be a part of. That means wherever your business listings are that the information is informative, eye-catching images, and graphics. It also means making it super easy for customers to get in contact with you so your business name, address and phone number is clearly visible on every page, along with a contact form or what we call a “lead magnet” to get the customers phone number or email address to capture that info before they leave so you can continue to advertise to them when they are no longer on your site or interested in tree service. 


As a local tree service company, the goal of a website is to bring customers in your local area to it. That means doing some form of online marketing, Adwords, SEO, directories, social media, lead services, are the most common things to do to drive traffic to your site. Doing this in a geo-targeted way is most efficient, such as Facebook Ads even allows you to target specific zip codes or a radius around a high-end community you might want to target residents in. The mission is getting people that are interested in tree services right now, those with an immediate need to find your tree service website, then once on your site you want those customers to convert into a lead. Depending on your tree service website design, you might have a bunch of leads leaking from your site. A good tree service website has several components as far as design and layout to not leak leads but capture the customer's name, phone number, and importantly their email so even if they leave your site without calling you still can re-target these customers days, weeks, months, and years later. 

As a tree service company, most marketing platforms are general and they fit the mold of any business really. An example Yelp will list a plumber, a dentist, an attorney, and a tree service all in one site; it's not specific to just tree service companies. Another company like Home Advisor might list a variety of home improvement contractors as well to sell leads. Arborists Near Me is a specific directory and lead generation tool built 100% for tree service companies only. Not saying you shouldn’t get a listing in sites that are not niche, but just like you want to target local customers in a specific area and for specific services, spending money on targeted marketing is best. This is what we do target just people that are looking for tree service, bring them into our site so they then find just tree service companies they can contact directly or request up to 3 quotes in which companies call them. Linking your company and website to Arborists Near Me will help you capture interested local customers that don’t have a go-to tree service company. 

What needs to be on your website home page, the design, and layout in order for it to convert at a high level. We’ll give you 6 tree service website tips on things you can do from a design standpoint to really supercharge your conversion rates.

So let's start with your homepage. 


I look at dozens of tree service websites and designs every day, it amazes me at how many of them do not display their phone number immediately. With any website when your website loads your phone number should be displayed and easily seen in bigger text. If someone has to scroll down to find your number it makes it harder for more urgent customers to call you which is what you want. In addition to separating yourself more customers are doing text these days, businesses to do something different could have a text line. Text the owner, texting back and forth managing that is meeting your customers if they might not be able to talk, millennials say they prefer text over phone calls so this is a great way to capture these leads and also you get their cell phone number to continue to market to them through texting services like JookSMS, texting is popular and will continue to grow over the coming years, so if your tree service website doesn’t have a texting option you are missing opportunities. 


On a bunch of tree service websites, this is a miss, they don’t list the cities, zip codes, or counties they service. When it comes to tree service website design you want to add a Google Maps WordPress Plug-In of your highlighted service area. If you have a WordPress website this is a great idea, highlight the map with your coverage area so people in this area contact you, if they are outside the area they will know prior to wasting your time and theirs. 

It’s also recommended to state your service areas clearly, put that information near the top of your page and then also put it at the bottom of your page by your company address, business hours, etc. 

An issue we see on tree service websites, they list all the cities and towns with keywords. This was good practice for SEO 10 years ago. Now, Google looks at this as keyword jamming which can hurt your website SEO. Plus, as a customer who wants to see every single city name by name that you cover, it looks and comes across as desperate, so to avoid looking spammy it’s no longer considered a good practice when it comes to SEO.


Your tree service website should be clean and clear to the customer as to what services you provide. If you only do tree trimming and tree removal then you need to make sure it's clear. Including a brief description of the services you provide and talk about the problems, you solve that could involve tree trimming and tree removal. Use language or reasons they might need those services and examples could be broken branches, fallen trees, a dead tree, tree maintenance, etc) and emphasize the fact that you solve these exact problems for people locally.


It’s unfortunate that in today's age it’s hard to just take someone's word for it, a handshake used to mean something. Now just saying it to someone is one thing you want to not only tell them about your services and what you specialize in but your tree service website should also show them. People rely on others to spread the word about how great your company is an online reviews do just that. Having a review widget for online reviews for your tree service website can do wonders.  A review widget should be displayed prominently at the top of your website so they see right away dozens or even hundreds of great reviews from the community. Include any awards and certifications, or membership logos on your homepage to make sure these are seen right away at the top, even having a few testimonials on the home page of what people said is great, there are plenty of testimonial widgets that automate this for you. 


A tree service website in its design should have a chat box in the corner of the page, chats are great for several reasons, why not give you customers the option to chat online with you or someone at your company in real-time. This is unique and different, if you look at our site in the right corner we have a chatbox, you can ask a question of if you need assistance we can help right away. Some people might have a quick question that doesn't require a call, saving time and being efficient while at the same time you can capture their name, phone number, or email for future marketing.

How it works: You purchase a software subscription that adds a small box or button to your webpage. The box or button only gives customers the option to chat with you when you’re actually online and available. Otherwise, it shows an offline message form.

    • Transparency — customers know when you’re available, so they have a better sense of how quickly you’ll respond

    • Efficiency — real-time communication is the fastest way to resolve problems and address complex product questions

    • Human connection— live chat feels like a real conversation, so you can establish the same kind of rapport you’d expect with face-to-face interaction


A call to action on a tree service website is short and simple. When someone lands on your website, what should be the instant message you give them is the take action. They are on your website for a reason, they have a need, they are local to you, they probably don't have a referral, and they can’t do the job themselves. What do you want someone to do? As a professional tree service company, you want them to call you to talk to you about what they want, discuss your services, and get an appointment out of the call. A call to action directs them to take action if you have a button on your homepage that says “Request an Estimate” or “Call Us Today For a Free Quote” whatever language you feel comfortable with, but make sure it’s short and concise on what direction you want the customer to take, guide them in this time of need. 


A lead magnet is anything offered for free in exchange for the customer’s email address.

The immediate objective of a tree service website should be to get contacts, either phone calls and if you don't get an immediate phone call to stay connected to the people that land on your website. If you look at the left-hand side of the page you should see an ebook, a checklist is one of the more popular lead magnets, you want to be a giver. Giving information and free content to people in exchange for an email address. So many people when they go to a tree service website they might read a bit and then leave, a lead magnet is designed to incentive a portion of those people to give you their contact information for later follow up.

If you are giving information away from free, it’s typically important that it costs you little to nothing to create a led magnet and have a way to distribute it as well. This is why ebooks and checklists are two of the most commonly used types of lead magnets. As a digital product, once the initial file is created, it costs nothing to copy and give away as many copies as you like. You could make an ebook on “how to hire a tree service company” or a checklist on “10 questions you should ask a tree service company before you hire them”. 

Here are several different types of leads magnets used on a tree service website:

  • Coupon or Discount

  • Ebook

  • Checklist

  • Case Study


When people land on your tree service website, they expect to see additional links for information, important pages that are relevant to your services. Resources at the top of the page or towards the bottom of that page. You want to make it easy for them to find additional resources, also have links that take the customer to different parts of your website as well. Several links and resources should be very easy to find such as contact information, services you provide with links to each page, and social media links to Facebook or YouTube. 

Make Hiring Your Tree Services Hassle-Free

Arborists Near Me is the leading tree service comparison site. This site is 100% dedicated to the tree service industry, no other industries are listed. We make it quick & easy for people needing tree services to find trusted tree service companies in their local area. All the companies listed in Arborists Near Me have proven track records of taking care of their customers and of trees. This gives homeowners that use Arborists Near Me peace of mind knowing they’re hiring stellar tree service companies every time.

 Helping Deserving Tree Service Companies Succeed 

Over the years, many of the same stories have been told by frustrated tree service company owners, in reference to the lack of transparency in the tree service industry online, the fact that some businesses are succeeding in bids and winning jobs that weren’t always the most credible or trustworthy. Arborists want to work with homeowners that understand how important trees are, and how they are serviced is even more important. Arborist Near Me is a way to help level the playing field by including customer reviews and ratings on tree service companies' profiles, companies must maintain a minimum of 4 or 5-star rating. When a company gets a listing on our site, we check their current online reviews, see how long they’ve been in business, what credentials and associations are they affiliated with, and if they are licensed and insured. Less than 40% of tree service companies are accepted into our network. This means homeowners are fully assured that not just any old’ cowboy with a truck and a chainsaw is taking care of their trees. Every company listed our site has agreed to the Arborist Creed a higher set of standards that include the 10 principles of practice. This ensures customers have a great experience and that the most deserving tree service companies are awarded.


It’s not easy to create and maintain a tree service website. Technology changes frequently. This is why not only having a great website but also maintaining credible listings online is vital. Customers’ expectations change. Google’s search algorithm changes all the time. It can be hard to keep up.

But if you think about your website as you would any other business asset then you need to treat it like your equipment, maintain and service it, update it, you don’t use the same chainsaw as you did from 5 or 10 years ago do you? Focus on providing what customers want when you think about your website or any listing you put online. Targeted marketing in certain cities and zip codes will yield the exact types of jobs you want in the areas you want. A website and a listing in Arborists Near Me can do that is set up the right way. 

What do customers want when they land on your tree service website or a listing online?

  • An easy to use website that loads quickly and gives them the exact information they need. 

  • The website design is nice and appealing to look at.

  • Content is written that addresses their needs and the problem they searched for, to begin within words they understand easily. specifically to address their needs and problems

  • A mobile-friendly website that is responsive and looks good on all devices

  • A website that works, all the pages function and links work

The last thing you want is your website to be remembered as a time-waster. Google tends to rank websites that people stay on and is user friendly, getting traffic is important. A website with no traffic is like a business card you have to tell people about it. A website that is driving traffic from other sites and links, social media, etc. is like a salesperson that never takes a break working 24 X 7. Hope this helps, to create a listing join here: www.arboristsnearme.com/join

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