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Austin Tree Removal - Understanding Safety

Whatever your reasons, it is never a good idea to attempt to remove a tree on your own without having assistance, tree removal is not a 1 man job. Even the most experienced tree service companies will send a 3 to 5 man crew when it comes to tree removal. Austin tree removal involves a host of risks unknown by most homeowners. You have to realize the dangers of cutting and moving large pieces of heavy wood that can weigh half a ton or more from heights above 10 feet could be as high as 50 feet to a safe location on the ground. Understanding safety and careful tree removal frequently require knowledgeable crews to work in or near high branches. Along with working with equipment such as chainsaws, heavy power equipment, climbing gear, ropes and tackle all require training, experience, and must follow safety procedures to avoid injuring yourself or others. If your tree is taller than 15 feet and you can't get to it with a standard ladder when it comes to tree removal, save yourself the time and risk by having a professional tree removal company handle the project for you.

In addition, many Austin tree removal and Arborist jobs will involve trees or limbs that are dangerously close to power lines that contain electricity. A Lot of people don’t realize this but trees and their branches conduct electricity, and when inexperienced homeowners or people in general attempt to handle their own tree removals a high risk of serious injury or even deal from electrocution exists. You might think this is rare, but a quick Google search will reveal the facts. Find professional and safe companies that do tree removal in Austin on Arborists Near Me, you can read reviews, and see what companies on their profile keep up with industry-standard safe work practices and ensure that all their personnel is trained in safety procedures and equipment. If you see the ISA or TCIA accreditation on their profile, website, business cards, or fleet of trucks this company is for sure knowledge but ask them to be safe if they have experience around power lines ahead of time.

Ensuring Safe Austin Tree Removal

Trying to do tree removal in Austin on your own is something we don’t advise: tree trimming is less risky, however, tree removal is a much more hazardous task, not just because of the dangerous risks that come with disassembling and moving heavy wood in the tons of weight in wood, but in addition, tree removal is often involving work high above the ground in some cases 20 feet to 50 feet in the air.  The tools needed for tree removal projects include climbing gear, ropes and tackle, chainsaws, and heavy power equipment, all of which are extremely dangerous if not operated properly. Operating them without experience is increasing risk so one should have training and experience along with careful attention to detail following safety procedures.

Furthermore, electrocution is one of the most common causes of serious injury in the United States including death when inexperienced people attempt to remove trees themselves. If tree removal requires working around power lines, you have to realize tree branches and limbs are conductors of electricity creating extreme danger. Arborists Near Me has a network of tree removal experts that specialize in all types of tree care situations, you can see on each companies profile how long they’ve been in business, if they have extensive training, ask if they have experience in working near power lines you might find many companies will not want to take on the job. If you notice on the Austin tree removal and Arborists company website, on their fleet of trucks, or business card TCIA Or ISA they’re utilizing safe work practices developed by the tree service industry, and all employees of the company should adhere to. 

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You’re on Arborists Near Me because you are searching for Austin tree removal right? Great, you have to realize that sometimes it might not even be necessary to get a tree removed completely. You have to realize an overgrown tree can often be pruned and trimmed to accommodate your needs as a homeowner. If you’ve experienced storm damage then depending on the situation it may be removed while leaving most of the trunk and healthy limbs intact throughout many parts of the canopy. Even if homeowners experience isolated incidences of insect infestation or fungal growth even in those situations just the infected areas can be removed by an experienced tree trimming company. Fill out the tree service request form and we’ll match you to up to 3 tree service companies today it takes less than 60 seconds.  

Common Reasons for Austin Tree Removal

Arborists Near Me can help you find affordable tree care, tree trimming along tree pruning including tree removal in Austin. For a free estimate for a tree, moval fills out the tree service request form to get up to 3 free quotes for tree removal. Or search your zip code to instantly see companies connect with today.

As a homeowner, you will have to come to grips sooner or later with tree removal due to several reasons. Sometimes a tree is growing in an area that homeowners are intending to use for other situations such as building a home addition or shed even a swimming pool or custom patio extension.  In other cases it's just a tree that is currently causing problems or will in the near future due to it leaning, hanging over buildings, your house, play areas, or could cause damage to what's underground like foundations, sewer lines, cables and pipes that when damaged could cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. A homeowner would be in better financial shape if they were to just remove the tree completely to avoid these situations altogether.  

Diseased & Pest Infestation Trees - Tree Removal in Austin  - Although much of the work that tree care companies provide is around saving trees, preserving trees which require more pruning and tree trimming. The goal of professional tree services is to save your trees to maintain safety in your yard. However, there are unavoidable times that often cause trees to be removed due to them being badly injured, drastically infected with illnesses that are too far gone to save the tree, or the tree has diseases that can spread to other trees on your property. Homeowners realize for the most part that trees are a valuable asset to their overall home value, community, and city outlook. 

Emergency Austin Tree Removal

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During specific months of the year, particularly spring and summer months trees are more prone to be damaged by heavy winds, lightning strikes, even ice, and rainstorms. This time of year can be hectic for homeowners which trees if not taken care of properly can be a liability, if heavy limbs hanging over your home, vehicles, or fence due to heavy rain, wind, ice, snow break off whatever is below will be damaged. Arborists Near Me can help you find emergency Austin tree removal if limbs and branches break off on your property or a tree completely falls over. In many different situations, it's not safe to wait especially if electric lines are nearby or it's wet outside, or a tree fell on your property that's causing problems for people right of way. Having a go-to tree removal service is important. Most emergency tree removal services in Austin offer 24-7 services because they need to restore safety to you, your property, and others nearby. If a company comes out to help you in a desperate time of need they feel that they’ve earned a customer for a lifetime, so if you need tree service in the future you will call them every time, especially during those dangerous months of spring and summer when trees are at higher risk. 

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