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Free Leads for Tree Service

Where to Find Free Leads for Tree Service

Want free leads for tree service? Why not? When it comes to growing your business, it’s important to get as many quality free leads for your tree service business as possible to increase revenue. We’ve heard “the best things in life are free”. These sayings aren’t always true. Getting free tree service leads isn’t free essentially it takes time to set some of these things up, to begin with. Just like you’ve heard “time is money”. Getting these free tree service leads isn’t always an easy task and will take time to set up which can be well worth it in the long run. Arborists Near Me is just $5 per month for a basic listing, a great source for tree service companies to get more leads and takes less than 5 minutes to get started.


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Lucky for you, we put together a variety of ways tree service companies can find leads. In the tree care industry competitors pop up all the time. What are you doing to separate yourself, the most important part of running your business is getting in front of potential customers before your competitors do. 


At Arborists Near Me, we understand how important it is for tree service companies to utilize the internet to generate new business. The bottom line is finding tree service leads on your own can be overwhelming, exhausting and time-consuming, and most owners of tree service companies wear a lot of hats. There are a bunch of different websites out there that will charge you upfront and then per lead. Some might cost hundreds to get started while others can be free or cost next to nothing but your time to start. Arborists Near Me is a valuable ROI source for tree service leads when 1 job can generate $500-$2500 in profit getting listed make sense. We will share several websites today that tree service companies can use to get free leads for tree service. 

Top Free Leads for Tree Service Platforms

HomeAdvisor is a source for homeowners that look for all types of services, plumbers, roofers, electricians, landscapers, and tree service companies. It presents a digital marketplace that can serve as a platform for tree service companies to get their business in front of new homeowners in need of help. Although this site is not specific to tree service companies, setting up a profile is simple, and with HomeAdvisor’s marketing budget, they advertise their site aggressively on TV, Google, and social media so plenty of people go searching for contractors, in general, using this site. This means getting listed as a tree service company could produce new opportunities. 


Angie’s List. Home Advisor bought Angie’s List in 2017, but these sites still exist separately and it’s worth getting listed on both of them. Angie’s List is popular among homeowners and contractors, another site that lists a variety of home improvement related companies. You name it, Angie’s List probably has a company that can cover it.  Creating a business profile with Angie’s List is pretty straightforward with the ability to leverage support from a dedicated team at Angie’s List to increase your exposure. You can opt-in to leads and other services but a great tool to increase exposure online. 


Houzz. Houzz is used by many businesses and is considered to be one of the most popular websites when it comes to contractors sharing their work, photo gallery, ideas, etc to the public. In fact, the site is set up so contractors, in general, can find new customers aligned with their specific home project needs. Houzz is not specific to tree service companies either so all types of contractors will be listed, however, a great thing about Houzz is that tree service companies can list a range of very specific services under the category of tree service, which can be great for tree care companies. Businesses can utilize Houzz’s platform to generate exposure and get noticed by it’s more than 40 million active homeowners.


Google My Business. Google is the dominant search engine, by far. When you search for tree service companies in your area, Google will usually return a pack of local listings on their map. If you want to show up here, and believe me as a local tree service company you 100% want to show up here, then you need to have a Google My Business page. This is targeted marketing bases on location and niche-based searches. Some searching for “tree removal in Atlanta” as an example Google will give them results of local tree removal companies near Atlanta. Google My Business can generate a lot of free leads for tree service. It’s very simple to set up your page; you can even add pictures, a company description, business hours, and more to further assist the customer which helps to pre-qualify the customer before they call.


Bing Places for Business. Many tree service companies ignore search engines not named Google. Bing Places for Business gives you the ability to set up an online business profile similar to Google, so people that use Bing which there are still millions of people that do daily. People that use Microsoft and like Bill Gates will use Bing when searching for a particular service on their site. You shouldn’t Bing because it’s free and the site still gets millions of visitors each and every month, low hanging fruit. Just like you avoid Bing, imagine your competitors they are avoiding it just as you have. Bing Places will allow you to show up in their local map listings when someone searches for your service, similar to how Google will.


Yahoo. Somewhat similar to Bing Places for Business, Yahoo allows tree service companies to create a local business listing. However, setting up your listing may get you an upsell from Yext, a company that makes you pay for listings on a number of local directories. Fortunately for you, you don’t need to sign up for Yext in order to manage your Yahoo business listing, just defend off the upselling when you begin to fill out your profile. Just like Google and Bing, taking advantage of Yahoo will allow you to show up in local search results when people locally search for your service on Yahoo.


LinkedIn. LinkedIn might not be the first place you think of when it comes to free leads for tree service, but the fact of the matter as the owner of a tree service company you are a professional. It’s a very popular site and a free way to showcase your professionalism to get your name out there. You can create your own business profile where people can follow your page and it’s a place where you can interact with homeowners and other successful tree care companies. Posting regular updates about your business can help attract homeowners and professionals to drive in more word of mouth, referrals, and free tree service leads. Many owners of tree service companies overlook LinkedIn, the ones that don’t are feasting on new opportunities and exposing themselves to great things.  Getting listed and staying somewhat active can help you land free tree service leads while your competitors fell asleep at the wheel.


Yelp. Most people just think Yelp is where people find reviews of local restaurants. This is true, but there are other benefits of getting listed on Yelp. Like the other sites that are listed above, setting up a company profile is free. Also, Yelp company pages will help your website rank well in Google, really getting a listing in all these sites mentioned will help your SEO. If your website doesn’t show up when someone searches for your site on Google, your listing on Yelp just might help move it to the front page. If you don’t do it for better exposure on Google, then just do it to potentially put your business in front of more customers, it’s always a good idea to put your business in as many places as positive places as possible, fill out your free listing on Yelp.


Facebook. Today’s customers are very social and network on different social sites with family, co-workers, like-minded people, etc. and check social media platforms for information before signing a contract or hiring a company. Facebook is still massively popular and maintaining a free business listing can help you promote your business in two distinct ways - use Facebook as a form of advertising tool and use it as a means to interact with your customers and gain referrals. Facebook also offers a unique mix of outbound marketing, consumer interaction such as reviews, comments, likes, etc. and gets billions of visitors each month. As a tree service company looking for free tree service leads,  you’d be wise to build a detailed Facebook page and set aside an hour a week to update it and leverage its many free tools. 


Twitter. Twitter is another overlooked platform, tree service companies can easily look up hashtags common with your trade.  Search hashtags that may be associated and see if you can find any free leads for tree service that way. Gain more followers and quickly grow your community of high-value followers to drive word of mouth by promoting your account. It allows you to measure results in real-time. You can track the growth of your follower base and see how people engage with every single Tweet, engage with customers to start a discussion and share how you can help with their next tree service project. This is 100% free. 

NextDoor. NextDoor is a community board, similar to Facebook but more focused on their local community. Community boards are a great place to find free leads for tree service. Many metro areas have services dedicated to certain zip code areas and neighborhoods, like NextDoor. Frequently, neighbors will post to get advice from others or ask a question on which pros to call in the area. You should as a homeowner in your community yourself sign up just as they do, be on the lookout when people ask about tree care you can offer your services. Many owners of tree service companies have got customers a couple of blocks away that didn’t even know they existed from NextDoor. If you can speak up about your business on these message boards, you’ll be happy you did when free tree service leads start to pile in. 

Don’t miss opportunities for generating free leads for tree service. Wearing a lot of hats is part of running a business until you get to the point of hiring employees to do most of this work for you, accounting, marketing, human resources, customer service, etc. For the time being small to medium-sized tree care companies can use the websites listed to position themselves in front of more local customers quickly and easily. It just takes time and effort to get them set up.

Why are Arborists Near Me Tree Service Leads So Valuable

As the owner of a tree service company, you must bring new clients into your business. Both you and your business are a brand. Some tree service companies flourish due to constantly bringing in new customers, creating more referrals, and repeat business. Getting high-quality tree service leads is a must for success. 

Arborists Near Me connects hundreds of homeowners every day to local tree care companies, niche websites provide great backlinks for SEO and are much more targeted for driving in quality tree service leads. People come to our site when looking for tree service, they are local to you, can’t do the job themselves, and do not have a referral. Putting your business in front of customers on Arborists Near Me can be extremely profitable. The sites above mostly require just a little bit of initial work to get your business listed and in front of customers – and none of them will cost you anything or very little (if you decide to upgrade your listings). With this list as a starting point, you have the opportunity to build great online exposure which in turn will help you generate free leads for tree service over the next days, months, and years to come.

Thousands of tree service related searches are being done every month in every major metro area in the U.S. As a business owner you hold the responsibility and owe it to your family, business, and employees to be found by customers, bring in business and get sales. Lack of money, lack of sales is the #1 reason businesses go out of business!

Arborists Near Me is a honey hole for credible tree service companies. 

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