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Posted 07/19/2019 in Homeowners & Tree Owners



The question is, who is responsible for cutting overhanging tree branches? There are a few things to cover to better understand the answer to this question. The branches of a neighbor’s tree may hang over onto your property. In this example, you could have questions about your rights regarding the portion of the tree that is overhanging your property line. The following are standard guidelines regarding overhanging tree branches. You must also validate the law on your county or town to determine if specific regulations might also be in practice to favor you. Start with the excellent solution which could make all satisfied. Walk over, speak to your neighbor and exercise a solution. Have a conversation about the tree and your concerns. But, if you need to arm yourself with expertise before doing that, right here’s what you ought to recognize about trees that overhang onto a neighboring property.

Trees can provide your home coloration in the summertime, a home for songbirds, and well known splendor. Trees additionally can be a source of anxiety among neighbors if they are not nicely maintained, drop debris over the fence, or purpose other issues. While trees can on occasion be a risky combination, specifically among friends who normally don't get alongside, it is vital to recognize your rights and obligations earlier than taking drastic measures.

Understand Tree Ownership and Who Is Responsible For Overhanging Tree Branches

Ownership of the tree need to be mounted to truly determine who is liable for the renovation of branches that overhang an adjoining neighbors property. No matter where the branches overhang, the tree proprietor is the man or woman in whose backyard the tree trunk resides. A tree on your aspect of the property line is yours, while a tree on the alternative aspect of the road belongs on your neighbor. Generally, if a tree trunk sits on each you and your neighbor’s property, is owned by way of each of you, and you're both answerable for the tree. To dispose of the tree, each tree owner has to consent.  Again, these legal guidelines can fluctuate in every state, city, and county, so be sure to look up the precise regulation on your area. If you both personally feel a certain way about the tree, any selections made about the tree need to be settled among you and your neighbor. If you can’t get to a win-win answer, consider working with a mediator.

Who Is Responsible for the Trees Maintenance?

If a tree trunk is on your own home, you're responsible for keeping it. You are accountable for ensuring any trees on your own home is healthy and there are no known hazards.

Who Is Responsible for Trimming Overhanging Tree Branches? Can I Cut Them?

Yes. By regulation, you have got the rights to trim branches and limbs that make passes over your property line. However, the law allows for trimming up to the property line and no further. You shouldn’t go onto the neighbor's property to cut the tree branches, or even trim the overhanging branches on their side of the fence. If you do damage the tree, you could be charged for up to 3 times the fee of the tree. Most trees have a substitute fee of among $500 and $2500 in value. Ornamental or landmark trees can have a value of between $20,000 and $60,000 so never go crazy and cut down a neighbor's tree, you could even be held responsible for trimming branches on their side of the property fence line.

Your Responsibilities As a Property Owner

When a tree on your property hangs over the boundary line into another backyard, you have got a duty to deal with all susceptible or damaged branches. If a weak or damaged branch which you failed to get rid of or keep falls into the adjacent yard and reasons damage to systems, land, human beings or pets, you're legally responsible. On the other hand, you are not accountable for the tree's particles that falls into the backyard next door, which include leaves, acorns, seeds and pods. The neighbor is continually accountable for cleanup of the buildup of those matters.

Understand The Hazards of Trees That Overhang onto Your Neighbors Property

You have to investigate your own home for signs and symptoms of diseased or rotten trees trunks. You have to search for any weak or damaged branches. If any part of a tree that changed into a known chance falls and damages your neighbor’s property, you will possibly be responsible.

In addition, if your neighbor gives you a caution about a tree or part of a tree that they experience is a danger or documents a criticism with the city about a tree on your private home that they agree with to be a chance, if you do nothing to cope with this issue and any part of the tree falls at the neighbor’s belongings, you may be chargeable for any damage induced. If a criticism is filed with the city, the city may also require you to remove the tree, or they will even come to remove it themselves.

Understand Your Rights as a Property Owner

Although you need to take duty to your tree, you won't realize that tree ownership also offers you positive rights. Even though your neighbor has a proper to trim returned all branches that increase onto his belongings in order that they are regardless of the assets line, he does not have a proper to come back onto your home to accomplish that except you supply him permission. You also have the right to count on that any upkeep he does on his aspect of the fence does no longer harm or in the end smash the tree.

If you have further questions about trees near your neighbors property line, you want to get branches trimmed up to the fence or property line, we recommend to not attempt this yourself. We have a network of experienced tree service companies that work with homeowners all the time that have these concerns. Search our directory to call a company directly or fill out the tree service request for and get up to 3 FREE quotes with Arborists Near Me. We connect hundreds of people every month to local tree care companies helping them save time and money.

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