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Posted 04/06/2020 in Homeowners & Tree Owners

What Kind of Safety Gear and Equipment Do Arborists Use?

What Kind of Safety Gear and Equipment Do Arborists Use?

This is a great question, what kind of safety gear and equipment do Arborists use? This question comes from both homeowners and Arborists. As a homeowner prior to hiring a tree service company, you should ask if they use all the required safety gear and proper equipment to complete the job. In addition to that, when they arrive give a quick glance at what the tree workers are wearing and take a peek at their equipment. 

This is a wide range of tree trimming and climbing gear accessible in the tree care industry. In this business, there are plenty of scrupulous people pretending to be Arborists and tree service companies, so paying attention to the details can help. Anyone can climb, cut, trim, or prune a tree, homeowners can do this even, but just because a person has all the necessary tools to do a job doesn’t make him or her a tree care professional. Many Arborists find it disrespectful when people in the industry proclaim this title when it takes education, proper training on tree care techniques, and most important the training on the equipment needed to complete a variety of different jobs, certain equipment is needed due to every job being different. 

Certified Arborists are educated in the science of tree care. They undergo training and proper certification which is ongoing before they are qualified to provide tree services. A Certified Arborist is actually considered a tree doctor due to the knowledge and know-how to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases and other problems commonly associated with trees.

Necessary Equipment and Safety Gear Arborists Use

Being in the tree care business is dangerous, it's the main reason homeowners are recommended to hire a professional tree service company instead of trying to complete their own tree care. It requires skill and understanding of the makeup of trees. A true Arborist will have this type of expertise and the knowledge to safely climb a tree, the type of rigging system to use, along with the type of saw that should be used when cutting limbs and branches, in addition to that to make sure that the cut limbs and branches fall in a safe location. 

Most Arborists that work in the field on a day-to-day basis will have personal preferences as to the brands or companies they buy their equipment from. Tree service companies in many cases will provide their Arborists with the necessary equipment to complete jobs, some Arborists will go above that to get personal equipment they want themselves, such as boots and safety glass to work in style. However the necessary equipment does leave much room for debate, certain safety equipment is required for each member of a tree service crew. 

We’ll go over the different types of equipment that Arborists use to complete the majority of jobs when it comes to tree care, every role in a tree service crew is different so depending on the job and its location. It’s a must as a homeowner, you should always see all the tree workers with the following required equipment which includes eye protection, earmuffs, gloves, and clothing that protect against chainsaws.

4 Different Types of Equipment Used by Arborists

Rigging Equipment: Rigging equipment is necessary when climbing large trees, bringing down huge cuts of branches safely to the ground, as well as transporting power tools up and down back and forth from the Arborist high up in the canopy to the ground level workers usually called groundsmen. There is a variety of rigging tools used in the tree care industry that include: 

  • Blocks and pulleys

  • Light and heavy-duty slings

  • Friction brakes

  • Rigging plates

  • Carabiners

  • Winches

  • Power pullers

  • Ring slings

  • Cable hoists

  • Swivels

  • Rigging thimbles

  • All different types and sizes of rope

Cutting Equipment: If a tree service company is doing any type of tree service such as trimming or tree removal, it’s going to require cutting tools. Knowledge of tree-cutting techniques is an Arborists best tool. You have to realize every tree is different a true Arborist will know all the varieties of trees and the proper trimming techniques that apply to each. Tree removal is usually a last resort, but tree trimming is a form of treatment or repair, it can also be for the maintenance of trees. Some of the cutting equipment in an Arborist’s arsenal would include:

  • Hand saws

  • Pruners

  • Pole Saws

  • Hand pruners

  • Tree loppers

  • Wood chippers

  • A variety of axes and wedges

  • Hedge trimmers

  • Hatchets

  • Different chainsaws

Tree Trimming Equipment: Tree trimming is most commonly done when reducing the crown of the tree or giving your canopy a lift. This is popular among residential tree service jobs. Tree trimming can make your home more viewable, and more curb appeal. Tree trimming is also commonly done to reduce the size of the tree if branches are brushing against homes or hanging too low over sidewalks. Usually, the overall look of the tree is the goal of tree trimming if you want the tree to look neater and tidier without harming it. Trimming equipment Arborists typically use will overlap cutting equipment, so trimming equipment will be: 

  • Saw scabbards

  • Landscaping tools

  • Pruners

  • Chainsaws

  • Wood chippers

  • Tree loppers

  • Different types of axes and wedges

  • Hatchets

  • Hydraulic tools

  • Pole saws

Climbing Equipment: The climbing equipment that is the most important can lead to injuries not being used properly. It’s not the cutting tools like chainsaws that cause the most harm in the process of tree care.  Climbing is much more dangerous if you look at the data. You might hear the news about a tree worker cutting their leg or hand with a chainsaw, but if you ask tree service owners and Arborists that workday today it’s the climbing equipment that is most dangerous. Falling out of trees due to faulty rigging and climbing equipment, or the equipment not being used right. 

True Arborists will understand the safety and the importance of proper, well-maintained climbing equipment, they regularly check to make sure the tools they use every day after every job is in proper condition.  Most of the climbing equipment on trucks used by Arborists and tree service companies that you will see on just about every job includes some of the rigging equipment above but climbing equipment will entail: 

  • Helmets/hardhats

  • Saddles

  • Protective goggles or glasses

  • Work gloves to help with grip

  • Protective clothing

  • Straps

  • Spurs

  • Radios for communication

  • Ascenders and descenders

  • Eye slings

  • Tails

  • First-aid kit

  • More pulleys, carabiners, and rope

These are the various tools along with the equipment that Arborists use on a daily basis. Again, to safely use these tools, you would have to have proper training and experience. When used properly, tree professionals can safely and efficiently remove large tree limbs and branches, trim and remove trees, and handle pretty much any type of tree service-related project that comes their way. As a homeowner, you should be on the lookout for these things when a company pulls up to service your trees if you notice the workers in the crew don't have the proper set up then you should be extremely leery about them doing the work and continuing to use their service. 

Check Out the Safety Gear Arborists Use 

It is vitally important that the team working on your trees is protected with the proper safety gear at all times. 


The groundworkers in a tree service crew should be wearing face shields, steel toe boots, and protective glasses at all times while on the job. The tree climbers should have the appropriate glasses, steel toe boots, climbing ropes, the proper saddle, and helmets when working in trees. If someone shows up with just a ladder and no safety gear it would be wise to tell them you won’t be needing their services.


How to Choose The Best Arborist Company for You


Once you have a tree service company that you are considering for tree work, look into their credentials and make sure that they have experienced, the qualifications, and read some reviews from other local homeowners in the community. When you look online don’t just look at the company's website a website is fairly easy to make. It would be wise to Google search their company name, and see if they have a personal Facebook page do your research especially if you are spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  This is where Arborists Near Me can help, every month we connect thousands of people to local tree service companies in their area. On each company profile, you can see how long they have been in business, see if they are licensed and insured, any credentials or memberships they have, and read reviews. This gives you the information you need to make an educated decision.


If you need tree service feel free to search your area and for the service, you need to see companies contact or fill out the form here to get up to 3 free tree service quotes it takes less than 60 seconds. 


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