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Posted 07/15/2019 in Tree Service



If you are curious and wondering, what is tree topping? At the point when a tree gets a bit unreasonably tall for your preferring, your nature might be to give it a snappy and simple hack. Homeowners often don't understand what is tree topping? Despite the fact that it's not your expectation to put the tree in threat, you could be doing just that when you decide to top a tree. 

How about we separate what is tree topping, why individuals do it, and why you ought not top trees.


Tree topping is actually what it sounds like. It's the point at which you cut the highest point of a tree off, which diminishes the tree's top branches, almost like giving a tree a buzz cut haircut. Thus, your tree is left with frail, unsteady branches and is an uncovered, what happens to you on a sunny day when you don't when a hat and your bald? Just think about that for a second.  

4 Main reasons people top trees:

Fix trees that meddle with electrical wires.

Abbreviate trees that become too tall close to their home.

Keep the tall tree from descending in a another tree.


Topping trees stresses the tree out

Just think about when your stressed, when your stressed you are more vulnerable right? Topping can removal up to 100 percent of a tree's leaf-bearing crown. Leaves are the sustenance of the tree. When you top a tree you are essentially starving it and force it into survival mode. Lethargic buds are actuated, compelling the fast development of various shoots underneath each cut. The tree needs to put out another harvest of leaves at the earliest opportunity. In the event that a tree does not have the energy to do so, it will be genuinely debilitated and may pass on. A larger tree with huge, open pruning wounds is increasingly powerless against diseases, bugs, and becomes a magnet for illnesses. 

Topping trees can lead to sunburn

Branches inside a tree's crown produce a large number of leaves to retain daylight. At the point when the leaves are expelled, the rest of the branches and trunk are all of a sudden presented to elevated amounts of light and warmth. The outcome might be sunburn of the tissues underneath the bark, which can prompt infections, bark part, and demise of certain branches. 

Topping a tree makes it ugly

The normal spreading structure of a tree is a natural miracle. Trees structure an assortment of shapes and development propensities, all with a similar objective of showing their leaves to the sun. Topping trees taking away the top branches giving it a strait across look, gives it a distorted and mangled look. With abandons, it is a thick chunk of foliage, coming up short on its basic elegance. A tree that has been topped can never completely recover its common form. In the long-run, topping a tree can demonstrate to be an exorbitant slip-up by homeowners that don't know any better.  The tree will either require additional consideration to remain alive or will in the long run should be expelled. If a tree service company ever were to recommend tree topping, they shouldn't be in business!

Tree topping can be expensive

The expense of fixing a tree isn't restricted to just the activity cost. Some concealed expenses of garnish include:

• Increased upkeep costs. In the event that the tree endures, it will probably require remedial pruning inside a couple of years. In the event that the tree passes on, it should be evacuated. (Removing that tree will cost more could be $500-$2000.) See our guide on tree removal costs. 

• Reduced property estimation. Sound, well-kept up trees can add 10 to 20 percent to the estimation of a property. Deformed, topped trees are viewed as an approaching cost.

• Increased risk potential. Topped trees may represent an unsuitable dimension of hazard. Since fixing is viewed as an unsatisfactory pruning practice, any harm brought about by branch disappointment of a topped tree may prompt a finding of carelessness in an official courtroom. A judge wouldn't be happy!

An important note and something to consider, when planting new tree, turn upward! Make certain you're not planting under a tall structure that the tree could develop into when it achieves its develop stature. In the event that you are, locate another spot. Remember do not top a tree! Hopefully this answers your question on what is tree topping and how tree topping can hurt your trees and your wallet or purse!

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