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What's the main thing that rings a bell when you consider palm trees?

The scene presumably incorporates a light breeze, warm sand and turquoise water washing aground. That is the reason we cherish the cut of heaven palm trees convey to our scene.

Since palm trees ooze such happiness, we must give them the most ideal consideration. Appropriate palm tree cutting is vital to keeping these fortunes solid and flourishing.

Look on to figure out how to prune palm trees – well ordered. If you have any doubts about doing this type of project yourself, let's say your dealing with a very tall palm tree do not risk it. Arborists Near Me can help you get 3 FREE QUOTES on palm tree trimming, homeowners save on average $500 when they get several quotes. We can help, if you plan on doing it yourself the guide below gives you step by step details. 


Old or dead palm tree leaves—called fronds—ought to be at the highest point of your pruning list. They're yellow or dark colored outwardly and might harbor bugs underneath.

Likewise, check stems for blooms or organic product. Both can moderate tree development by giving sustenance or asylum to bugs.


Before you start, recall this key palm tree cutting tip.

Prune just to expel old fronds, blooms, organic product, or perilous appendages.

Cutting past that makes a slender and restricted "tropical storm cut" that is bad for the well-being or look of your tree. Palm trees need a full, round overhang of sound, green fronds to proceed to develop and safeguard against irritations.


Contingent upon the span of your palm tree, pruning shears or a saw will carry out the responsibility. On the off chance that you have to trim tall palm trees, bring in a guaranteed Arborist. Endeavoring to climb a stepping stool, while using pruning apparatuses, places you in threat.

In case you're cutting a little palm tree, cautiously prune fronds, blooms and natural product leaving at any rate 2 creeps of greenery on the trunk.

Working your way down, delicately pull off free sharp edges—called petioles—from the storage compartment. On the off chance that the petiole is difficult to expel, abandon it be.


How much does tree trimming cost? The normal across the country cost of palm tree cutting is $650 per palm tree. Be that as it may, the size, shape, and soundness of the palm affects the expense to trim them appropriately. Trees that are cut normally need less work and cost less, in the event that you have a palm that needs a great deal of work it takes longer and costs more.

Little Palm Tree Trimming Cost

Palm trees which are up to 30 feet more often than not cost around $75 to $400.

Medium Palm Tree Trimming Cost

Medium palm tree cutting cost run around $130 to $800 for a palm tree 30ft – 60ft.

Huge Palm Tree Trimming Cost

Palms which are 60 feet or taller typically cost around $200 to $1,200. For progressively precise expenses please reach us and we will turn out and give you a statement for palm tree cutting.


A cutting apparatus sufficiently huge to chop down a palm tree requires a significant venture. Indeed, even a rental expense can be a lot of a venture, particularly in the event that you are awkward utilizing power instruments. You needn't bother with a cutting tool to fell a palm tree. A manual saw is similarly as powerful at chopping down these tight trunked trees. The devices and the activity, be that as it may, are similarly as risky. Pursue all well-being safety measures and contract an expert on the off chance that you are uncertain in the event that you can finish the assignment securely.

In case you're palm tree is inclining, it will probably fall toward that path.

Stage 1

Decide the heading wherein you might want your palm tree to fall. The arranged bearing must be clear of any blocks or perils, including structures, alluring plants or high-traffic zones. In the event that the palm tree is inclining one way, that is the bearing wherein it is well on the way to fall.

Stage 2

Saw a flat cut 33% of the path through the storage compartment of the palm tree in favor of the storage compartment confronting the bearing you need it to fall.

Stage 3

Make a corner to corner cut underneath the cut. Begin the cut approximately 3 creeps beneath the main cut. Saw upward to meet the base of the main cut and evacuate a wedge of the palm tree trunk with a 30-degree edge.

Stage 4

Clear the territory. Caution everybody on the property to stand well off the beaten path. Nobody should remain on the fall side of the tree. Likewise forestall anybody remaining on the direct inverse of the fall side. There is a little possibility that the tree will "kick back" and fall back onto the felling cut. Anybody remaining close to the tree when the felling slice is made must remain to one side or right of the arranged fall course, as far from the tree as could be expected under the circumstances.

Stage 5

Saw the level felling cut. Begin the cut on the contrary side of the indent of the tree, 1 inch over the pivot of the score. Slice through the storage compartment until it starts to fall toward the indent. Move in an opposite direction from the tree rapidly and report that the tree is falling. Remain to one side or right of the course in which the tree is falling.

Hopefully this step by step guide gave you the information you need to make an educated decision, if you need more assistance feel free to search in your area for a local company to discuss the project with them and get an in person estimate. 

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