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Posted 11/01/2019 in Homeowners & Tree Owners

How to Make a Thanksgiving Tree of Thanks - What are you thankful for?

Over here at Arborists Near Me, the mindset is to be thankful every day. However, once every  12 months, we look at the Thanksgiving holiday as a time for our tree care companies to have a good time and give gratitude to the multitude of blessings that we have received, the affection that we alongside friends and family, and all the things that we have come to revel in. You see, I believe that in life, in your career, and in your relationships, you learn something out of your experiences, then there’s no such thing as an awful day if you take every day with gratitude, thanks, and enjoying what you learn. 

So what are you thankful for this year? How can you share that gratitude in an inventive and fun way this coming Thanksgiving?

How To Celebrate Thanksgiving In A Creative Way

We all recognize that Thanksgiving—and Thanksgiving dinners mainly—regularly consist of a small circle of relatives that bring together a reunion. It’s the time of year when a circle of relatives, friends, people working out of state and overseas come home or meet up to have a good time during this holiday to spend time with each other and loved ones.

So how do you make this year’s Thanksgiving celebration extra memorable? By developing a Thanksgiving tree of thanks, otherwise known as the grateful tree. It’s an easy idea every member of the family can revel in and take part in. And here is how you're making it.

Items You Need To Create A Thanksgiving Tree of Thanks

Before we start, here's a list of the things that you will need to complete this which will bring tons of joy and excitement to your circle of friends and family, but yet also challenging:

  • Gel pens, markers, crayons, and colored pencils for writing

  • Colored cardboard paper

  • A pair of scissors

  • Hole puncher

  • Spools of wire in numerous colorations

  • Dried up tree branches

  • A tall, robust pot or vase

  • Zip ties or colored floral tape

  • Spray paint 

How To Create A Thankful Tree? - Below are the following steps to make this grateful tree:

The first task to complete is to locate two to three dried up branches in your backyard, approximately two or three ft tall and about an inch in diameter at the base of the branch. If you have trees on your property already, then this shouldn’t be a hassle. However, if you can’t discover the proper branches, you could use bunches of curly willow as a substitute.

Bunch the two or 3 dried up tree branches collectively and hold them in a group to gather with the usage of zip ties or colored floral tape. Make sure that the branches are arranged so they resemble a tree.

Next, get a tall, strong pot or vase to place the thankful tree in upright. You can use stones or pebbles to hold the tree in a secure location in the middle of the vase. Or, you can use packing peanuts; simply make sure to position them tightly to keep the tree in place. It’s vital that the tree is not too tall that it'll easily topple over at the slightest motion.

Before you placed the tree inside the vase or pot, you could paint the whole tree using spray paint to provide it a pleasing color to match your interior space. The spray paint could be the same color as the zip ties you used to hold the branches together.

Creating the Leaves for Your Thankful Tree

As for the leaves, where you and the guests of your Thanksgiving celebration will write their thankful messages, use colored cardboard paper. A few sheets of cardboard paper I recommend using at least 3 distinctive earth-tone colorations to suffice. Softer earth tones really make the tree come to life.

Using a pencil, draw or trace leaf shapes on the card paper. Make it massive enough so that visitors can write their messages properly, but not too huge that it takes away from the appearance of your grateful tree. Use a couple of scissors to reduce out the leaf styles from the cardboard paper. Using the hole puncher, create a hole at the base of every leaf cut out.

Then, thread a 3-inch string or wire through the hole of each leaf and tie each end together to make a loop. Now, you've got a leaf made from cardboard paper for the guests to jot down on and the attach to cling the leaves to the Thanksgiving tree. All you need to do now is find the perfect spot in your home to place the thankful tree and provide your guests with pens, crayons, or colored pencils and a leaf for their grateful messages.

If the Tree in Your Yard Can Speak – What Would It Say It Was Thankful For?

Since we’re speaking solely about thankful trees, here are a few thankful messages your tree could possibly let you know if it could speak.

I’m thankful for the sun that gives me the energy I need to develop and grow.

I’m thankful for the rain that keeps me healthy and properly-hydrated.

I’m thankful for the nutrient-rich soil in which I’m rooted and stand on.

I’m thankful for the children that play beneath me from time to time, the shade and color I offer them. 

Most importantly, I’m thankful for the homeowner who takes care of me on a regular basis, helps me through the demanding situations I face each and each season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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