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Posted 02/01/2020 in Homeowners & Tree Owners

How to keep birds out of trees over driveway?

How to keep birds out of trees over driveway?

Learn how to keep birds out of the trees over the driveway, get rid of birds pooping on cars. Do they spend the night on tree branches that hang over your driveway? These bird deterrents will help you keep these unfriendly birds at bay.

Most people like birds, birds can bring music and coloration to your yard and trees. However, in some instances, birds can also cause problems by eating flowers, plants, roosting in trees and leaving potentially dangerous droppings on your driveway and cars.

You can take preventative measures to mitigate the risk of these bird problems, but first and foremost note that you shouldn’t want to cause harm to birds, most wild birds are protected under federal or state laws. Forcefully removing them or harm done to any protected bird may require a permit. Without a permit could lead to legal problems such as fines or other penalties. We recommend checking with your local officials or a licensed wildlife removal service before attempting to remove or harm birds.

Why are birds roosting over the driveway?

Remove the reason the birds are on your property. The answer to many problems is to identify the problem first, why is this happening in the first place. Birds can be attracted to certain homes for many reasons. Is it food, water or shelter? The easiest way to remove nuisance birds is to eliminate or block the resources your yard is offering them in the first place. Certain trees, the way the branches form horizontally are bird magnets making it easy for them to congregate by the dozens. Birds roost in trees overnight to sleep and stay protected which they are sleeping usually higher up in trees. Birds tend to want to stay nearby water, food, and shelter for protection. Here are 3 common things to identify that might attract birds to your driveway.

Water features: If you have a water feature, any type of bird, doves, crows, even geese will likely find it. It’s best to drain or cover the feature to keep birds out. Using a water feature year-round is asking birds to stay close. Some homeowners use water features just for a couple of seasons of the year to protect themselves.

Food that birds eat: Avoid plants that grow berries or cover them with fine metal netting. If your trees, plants, or shrubs produce fruit or berries, they will attract a variety of birds. Bird feeders can cause hoards of birds to stay in the vicinity of your home, not a good idea if you plan to keep birds out of trees over the driveway. If you don’t have a problem with birds pooping on your cars in the driveway, then keeping a bird feeder on your property shouldn’t be a problem. If you notice a flock specific birds dominating your feeder, ask your local wildlife service what type of seed they won't eat.

Places birds can roost: Keep birds away from trees over driveway and bushes by pruning them often to remove the cover birds seek. Arborists Near Me helps homeowners find tree trimming companies regularly that have problems with birds pooping on their cars in the driveway. It will save you time and money from going to get the car washed, potentially ruining your paint job, or worse. The $300-$500 you’ll spend to remove the places birds are roosting over your driveway would be best.  

How to keep birds out of trees over driveway

“Tree trimming” is the best way to keep birds out of trees over driveway. When birds spend the night on branches that hang over your driveway, the easier way is tree trimming. Birds love branches that are horizontal that stretch across, they tend to avoid branches that rise or fall. If you look most of the time they will be sitting on branches that are fairly straight or move slightly up or down. It’s easier for them to sit and sleep this way. 

Identify these tree branches in your tree that hang over your driveway. In many cases these branches are high up, birds tend to stay higher up in trees for safety. We recommend hiring a local tree trimming company. You are in the right place, Arborists Near Me connects hundreds of homeowners every month with local tree care companies that specialize in tree removal, tree trimming, and a variety of other tree services. Search your zip code or city, contact a local tree trimming company, schedule a free estimate or use the tree service quote form at the top of the page to get up to 3 free estimates. 

Using this most effective method to keep birds out of trees over driveway and away from your cars will save you time and frustration that occurs with cleaning up bird poop on your vehicles. Both rural areas and urban areas alike have their share of bird problems that can cause challenges for drivers. After getting a car wash, when you go to your car the following morning to see it’s been ruined by bird droppings, many homeowners are asking how to keep birds out of trees over the driveway?

”Scare” the birds off your property. One of the most popular and effective ways to keep birds from coming near a parked car is to post a fake owl or snake in the vicinity. If you don’t have trees that hang over your cars in the driveway, just place a fake snake on top of your car coiled up, close enough for birds to have a glimpse of it from any direction they come from trying to land on your vehicle. The same goes for carports, decks, porches, and patio furniture it will provide a natural deterrent that fulfills the purpose without interfering with the natural landscape or design theme of your property.

The Natural Enemy Scarecrow has been used by many homeowners which have been proven to be a successful tactic. This owl decoy gives features a lifelike movement that keeps birds at bay. Owls a great choice for deterring birds because owls eat other birds and are among the most stealthy and feared by other birds. Using a device like this can be effective at keeping squirrels, raccoons, rodents, and other small animals away from cars, trash cans, and gardens. The main goal is to keep birds out of trees over the driveway.

Rubber or plastic snakes and other birds of prey are also effective deterrents when placed on or near cars. As stated above, using fake snakes displayed in problem areas can yield great results. Bright colors attract the attention of flying birds but most likely you won’t be fooling larger animals like raccoons that can eat snakes.

Trim trees to keep birds out of trees over driveway

Tree branches hanging over your driveway leaving all types of debris on a driveway and cars?

If a tree is hanging over your driveway then you may need to hire a tree service company.  Keep birds out of trees over the driveway and in addition to that, it keeps your driveway and cars much cleaner throughout the year. Trees that hang over your driveway cause risk that it will fall and damage your cars or people. If this were to happen, it could also hurt whoever is in the home. Also, if the tree has a lot of limbs that produce leaves that are constantly falling in your driveway and on your cars, this can become cumbersome to clean them up.  If you were to hire a tree service company, they could either prune the tree or if necessary remove it before it causes any property damage or bodily injury. More importantly, get rid of the nuisance birds.  By taking the time to take care of this ahead of time, you can help avoid a huge headache in the long run. 

Hire a Professional Tree Service Company to Keep Birds Out of Trees Over Driveway 

When you hire a professional Arborist, you can have peace of mind that they can do it safely. They will also just need a few hours to complete the task. They know every detail involved in tree trimming and more importantly, they have the proper equipment to aid them. They are skilled and years of experience have honed their expertise when it comes to different tree services. 

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