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Posted 09/28/2020 in Tree Service Marketing

How To Get Referral Work For Your Tree Service?

How To Get Referral Work For Your Tree Service?

At times, you’ll feel like the tree service market is overly crowded. But fret not. It’s still possible to grow your tree service business by getting more tree work. Word-of-mouth marketing is very valuable. It’s a fact that customer referrals are one of the best ways to get more tree work. 

Experts agree that referrals help businesses gain customers that are easy to retain compared to other marketing mediums. Although digital media marketing is growing increasingly popular, tree services should not forget the basic, age-old form of marketing. According to ThriveHive, customer referrals are included among the best contacts a business can make. 

Hence, referrals are a remarkable selling tool. Do you want to know how you can get more referral work for your tree service business?

If ‘Yes,’ then you’re at the right place. Let’s find out the importance of referral work and ways you can get more referral work for your tree service. 

Significance of Referrals

When you start to ask for referrals, you’ll witness more valuable new clients. People prefer to use tree services which have been recommended to them by their friends and family. 

Chad Dillar informs that most tree services don’t have a defined or formal customer referral programs. Many tree services offer rewards for customer referrals. However, that reward is mostly a token of appreciation for the customer. A survey by Landscape Leadership shows that only about 10% of the companies are able to define customer referrals as their top three marketing sources. 

Tree services need to pay attention to their customer referral programs. Along with generating leads, referral programs have many other benefits. The customers gained by referrals already have trust in your tree services and will stay for a long time. The reason is that people are like to hang out with others who are like themselves. Hence, new customers will be already excited about your services.

Most Effective Ways To Ask For Referrals

It’s hard to ignore the benefits of customer referrals. If you’re looking for ways, ask your customers for referrals, try these:

Developing a formal customer referral system 

A defined customer referral system is essential for tree services. Without a plan, your employees are bound to get confused and won’t understand the importance of referrals. Your loyal customers are most likely to offer your services to others. So, why not reward them with customer loyalty programs and customer referral systems. 

These programs entice the customers and motivate them to keep coming back to you whenever they need tree services. Moreover, it will help to boost your reputation in your community. 

Practice to achieve your goals

Once you devise a formal customer referral system, you’ll be able to define your goals clearly. Break your goals into smaller weekly goals and practice to achieve them. If you’re not attaining your goals, find out the reasons, do some changes, and try harder to achieve your goals. 

Set goals like I’ll get at least ten, or even more referrals per week. Don’t forget to keep a record of your goals. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment once to start achieving them. If you’re requesting a referral, you have to be specific. Your customer should be aware of the kind of referral you want. 

Ask for referrals

ThriveHive recommends asking for referrals just like you ask for reviews. It’s really that simple. You want referrals, request your loyal customers. They will definitely recommend some great potential customers. 

Pro Tip: When a new customer hires you for tree services, you should ask them to tell others about your tree services if they are satisfied with your work. 

While you may get some referrals without asking for them, remember that it won’t happen for long. Most customers will not refer you to others until you ask them. So, please don’t feel shy, ask them for referrals.

Take advantage of gatherings and events

Try to make the most out of community gatherings and other events. Communicate with people in your service area. Identify some potential clients and offer them your business cards. Tell them about your tree services and encourage them to come and visit you. 

Don’t blatantly promote your services. Instead, give suggestions and recommendations to your potential clients and tell them you’re available any time they want tree services. People will definitely get drawn to you and your business.  

Don’t accept just any referral 

ThriveHive warns that you won’t be able to get any referrals for your business unless your services are of such a quality that sets them apart from competitors. When a customer is pleased with your tree services, tell them you’re delighted to hear that they’re satisfied with your services. 

Also, keep in mind that only those referrals are values that are good quality ones. What does that mean? Do not just accept any referral. You don’t need a list of random names; you need customers that are genuinely interested in your tree services. 

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