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Posted 08/22/2019 in Tree Service Marketing

How to CLOSE more tree jobs FACE to FACE on the 1st visit!

How to CLOSE more tree jobs FACE to FACE on the 1st visit!

Can you close a sale in only 7 seconds? You can do it faster if you use a sales technique to make a brilliant first impression on customers. 7 seconds is the common length of time you have to make a first impression on a customer. Make an exquisite first impact and the customer is likely to take your small business seriously. 

Whether your initial meeting is face-to-face, over the telephone or through the Internet, you do not have time to waste. It pays which will apprehend the income approach of ways human beings make their first judgment and what you may do to govern the results. This is why many tree service companies I’ve consulted the top companies in their market have actual salespeople in a clean vehicle, dressed cleanly going out to meet the customer, shake their hand, evaluate the job, professional send a written estimate, and once closed. The tree service crew is out in a few days to a couple of weeks to do the work. As an owner-operated company it’s a bit different if you are doing everything answering the calls, scheduling appointments, meeting the customer, estimating the job, handling sales, and on the job doing the work with your crew then this might pertain to you even more.  

Learn the Non-verbal Sales Technique

When you meet someone face-to-face, 93% of the time you're judged based totally on non-verbal communication -- your look and your body language. Only 7% is inspired by using the phrases and words that you communicate. A properly positioned sales method is to bear in mind human beings do choose a book by it’s cover. When you talk to the customer on the phone, 70% of the time you're perceived primarily based on your tone of voice and 30% for your words. It's no longer what you say - it's the manner in which you say it. This is the first step in closing a sale before meeting face to face. 

Thanking The Customer, Choosing Your First Few Sentences

Although research suggests words make up a mere 7% of what people think of you in a one-on-one meeting upon, don't go away without in the first few sentences, before you let them off the phone, right when you walk up to them and right when you leave. Express a few signs of gratitude to thank you when you meet the customer. Perhaps, it is "First I want to say thank you for reaching out" or "Thank you for taking the time to call me for these services." Clients appreciate you while you admire them. Studies show, thanking a customer before they close increases the chance of closing the sale by 30%.

Use Their Name Immediately In Addition to Yes Sir/No Sir and Yes Mam/No Mam

Another forgotten closing technique is to don't forget there's no sweeter sound than that of our own name and respect. I was military raised, growing up near a military base it was common for everyone to say yes sir/no sir and yes mam/no mam. It was very common 30-40 years ago everyone was doing it, but as time passed companies, in general, have gotten away from this level of respect for their customers. When you use the customer's name in communication within your first few sentences in addition to using respectful titles, you are sending a message which you value that man or woman and are centered on him or her. Nothing is better received better to get a human's attention as efficacious as calling them with a high level of respect along with their first or last name. Mr. Smith, Mrs. Smith using their name as often as possible through the first phone call and 1st face to face visit.  

Pay Attention to Your Hair

Your clients will. In truth, they'll have words in their head they won’t speak them but what are customers looking at in-person 90% of the time it's your head, hair, and face first. Putting off that a whole lot-wanted haircut might cost you the deal. Don't allow a bad hair day can cost you the connection. I get that most tree service company owner-operators are in the daily grind sweaty, wood chips in your hair. Just make it a habit to clean up a bit prior to the 1st face to face visit, carry a couple of towels with you along with a comb. It shows the customer you care about how you look, which gives them a sense that you care about them, which gives them a perception of how their tree work will come out, nice!

Walk Fast

A quicker walker can be perceived as essential to a customer's decision to hire, who wants to hire someone slowly, they usually would rather hire a more energetic personality. This doesn’t mean you have to be overly excited but just something as simple as walking faster the perception is you are busy. Pick up the tempo and stroll with cause if you want to electrify.

A Good Business Handshake

Right at the time of meeting the customer, a good handshake is an important approach to make a long-lasting impact. The first flow you're making while meeting your prospective customer is to position out your hand. There isn't always a time in my personal life of doing business when a business person even offered a good handshake.

To have a good business handshake, function your hand to make entire contact with the alternative individual's hand. Once you've got related, near your thumb over the again of the alternative man or woman's hand and deliver a moderate squeeze. You'll have the start of a robust confirmed dealing with each other at that point. Some customers value a handshake especially older customers, a handshake was like signing a contract 30-40 years ago. People have gotten away from doing business with a handshake, make a habit right away while introducing yourself along with respectfully using their name, tie in the handshake. 

Always Have Business Cards

Your business cards and how you cope with them make a contribution to your overall picture. Have an excellent supply of them with you always since you never know while and wherein you may stumble upon a potential customer. Handing a business card to them right away after the handshake adds some professionalism that I guarantee your competitors aren’t doing. 

How unimpressive is it to invite for someone's card and have them say, " Oh, I'm sorry. I gave my last one away." If a customer asks for a business card would you even have one on hand, not have to run to the truck to get one. Keep your business cards in a card case and keep them with you, you are the business. Before you close the deal and after you complete the job. It’s always best to knock it out right away within the first minute of meeting the customer hit them with a business card. 

Use Proper Body Language

The first-class selling technique is a grin. It tells your clients you're satisfied to be with them. Eye contact says you are paying interest and are interested in what is being said. Leaning in closer to the homeowners makes you appear engaged inside the communication. Use as many signals as you may to appearance interested and thrilling.

In the business environment, you should have a plan of action, the problem is many tree service company owner-operators going to each job with no plan, they wing it. You need to be prepared for phone calls and even more prepared for the face to face appointment. A true salesperson is a professional, you should be prepared, you should practice this to make it a normal habit, customers pop up in the most unexpected places. Every time you walk from your workplace, be equipped to make a powerful first impression...It is the first-class selling technique when you can close on the 1st visit. We have an article 5 ways to be more profitable as a tree service company, the techniques in this article you just read have been proven to help owners convert more sales over the phone and in-person on the 1st visit. 

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