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Posted 10/19/2020 in Tree Service Marketing

Guerilla Marketing Tactics For Tree Services in 2020

Guerilla Marketing Tactics For Tree Services in 2020

Growing a tree service business might be a bit tricky, but it’s not impossible. Most countries already have a handful of well-established tree care companies with huge budgets. While it may seem like you stand no chance, we have good news for you.

Most of these companies are using old marketing tactics. You can use that to your advantage. How? By using new and better marketing tactics to generate high-quality leads, of course! 

This is where Guerilla Marketing Tactics enter the picture. Don’t know about these tactics? No need to worry. Read on to find out what are Guerilla Marketing tactics. And how they can help you expand your tree service business in 2020.

What is Guerilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing allows you to launch low cost but great marketing campaigns. It is a set of unconventional marketing tactics and strategies that help you take the public by surprise and make your marketing campaigns more impactful. 

According to Medium, guerrilla marketing tactics are creative, effective, profitable, and cheap. You will see the same or even better results as the high-cost marketing campaigns, at a fraction of price.  

How can Guerilla Marketing tactics help you grow your business?

Tree services need the right marketing tactics for generating leads that could convert into new customers. Many techniques and tactics can be used to grow a tree service business. Guerilla marketing tactics ensure that you leave a mark of people using a strong message.

Instead of door-to-door sales and other similar conventional sales approaches, guerilla marketing tactics leverage social media along with the real world to get to more customers. You can use several platforms to convey a creative and strong message to your audience and potential customers. 

Ask Yourself

Before you employ guerilla marketing tactics, you need to ask yourself:

  1. What kind of customers do I want to reach?
  2. Who are my competitors, and what sets me apart from them? 
  3. What are my marketing goals? 
  4. How will I know which tactics are working? 

This will help you define your marketing strategy. 

5 Best Guerilla Marketing tactics

Once you clearly define your marketing strategy, you can choose the tree service marketing tactics that match your goals and marketing strategy. Here are five guerilla marketing tactics that you can use to grow your tree service business:

Place ads at unconventional places 

Keep in mind that traditional marketing won’t do you any good. Nobody notices ads in newspapers or magazines anymore. You have to be creative enough to turn heads if you want to grow your business. 

According to Keap, you can promote your tree service business by placing creative ads in the most unlikely places. Take advantage of the way things are set up or arranged in real life. 

Many people have no clue whether their trees have Emerald Ash Borer or not. You can locate a few trees with Ash or other problems in your area, right? Use it to your advantage. How? Place a small advertisement on or around that tree, highlight the problem, and tell your customers how you can help them. 

Use tree service trucks as marketing tools

You might be wondering how I can use my tree service truck to promote my business. Is that even possible? Yes, it is. You just need to give your trucks a little makeover. 

Cover your trucks with vinyl graphics. Add important information like your company name, logo, tagline, website, phone number, etc. Don’t forget to add relevant background images. Also, make sure people can read it easily. This is a very cost-effective way to promote your business. 

Build an online presence 

No matter what kind of business you have, it needs an online presence. You can start with a Google My Business Page and Facebook Business Page. It’s a free, easy, and quick way to build an online presence. 

Add all of your business details on these pages and help your potential customers, to find you online. Be sure to add some pictures of your work and include all categories on Google My Business Page that you find relevant. 

Plus! You should have a website for your tree service business. Let your clients know who you are and what you do. Your customers should be able to book work, pay invoices, or approve quotes online. 

Tree service referral programs

Viral marketing is a type of guerilla marketing that can help to grow your tree service business. But here’s the thing. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing. It’s crucial for going viral because people trust each other more than you. 

So, why not offer customer reward programs for tree service referrals. If your customers refer you to their friends, pay them a referral fee. Every time you have a happy customer, offer them a $50 gift card for referring you to a new client. 

Market less competitive services

If you have a new tree service business, competing for tree care might seem impossible. But we have another option for you. Start marketing less competitive services along with your tree services. There will be less competition and higher chances of exposure if you do that.

Offer other services like fish pond installation, sod and turf installation, in-ground fire pit construction, or other similar services. You can choose any service that is suitable for you. Market that service along with your tree service business.   

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