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Posted 10/12/2020 in Tree Service Marketing

Does direct mail work for tree services?

Does direct mail work for tree services?

Have you just started your tree service business? Or you might have been established in the tree industry for quite some time? 

The one thing you need to keep in mind is that the tree industry is highly competitive. In recent years, hundreds of new tree care service companies have entered the market. Hence, lead generation for your tree service business is not exactly a piece of cake.   

Being a local business, tree services have plenty of available options to find and keep customers. However, the age-old technique of direct mail is still at the top of the list. It might sound crazy but direct mail can serve as a way to generate tree service leads. 

Do you want to know how? Read this article to find out.

What is direct mail?

Many people are familiar with direct mail. But for those who are not direct mail is a marketing strategy or method. In direct mail, companies send physical pieces of promotional materials to prospects via courier service. 

According to BigCommerce, direct mail has been used for ages as a way to promote business. At present, it’s being used for modern retailing. Even e-commerce businesses are using direct mail to drive online sales. 

Forms of Direct Mail

The following are some common forms of direct mail:

  • Letters
  • Brochures
  • Coupon envelopes
  • Flyers
  • Packages
  • Newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Postcards

Another essential component of a direct mail campaign is a mailing list. You have to make a list of people you’re sending the mail to. In advertising, businesses promote their products and services to everyone expecting that the message will reach their target market. In contrast, direct mail promotes your products and services to only those buyers that are most likely to need your assistance. Due to this reason, direct mail is more efficient.

How Is Direct Mail Beneficial For Businesses?

Direct mail might be a bit costly, but everyone knows that it one of the best ways to generate leads to a business. Since more and more businesses are focusing on a robust online presence, direct mail is becoming even more useful. 

According to the Direct Mail Association Facebook, almost 70% of customers belonging to different age groups have made a direct mail purchase in 2013. It shows that there is a massive potential for generating leads via printed advertisements. Now, many online businesses are rediscovering the benefits of direct mail and using it to fill in the gaps that are left by online platforms.

Direct Mail Can Help In Growing Your Tree Service Business

Now to the most important question. Does direct mail work for tree services? 

According to ProMatcher, the answer is ‘yes’ Just like any other business; a tree service business can also benefit from direct mail. While creating a direct mail campaign, it’s advisable to consider the advertising and targeting strategies of your competitors. 

Your direct mail campaign needs to be unique enough to entice your potential customers. Repeat after me: ‘I will not do what my competitors are doing.’ Keep this in mind. You need to do something better and use direct mail to generate more leads. 

If your competitors are spending a lot on direct mail campaigns, it clearly means that it’s working for them to some degree. You need to provide a unique offer or coupon code in your direct mail. It will not only allow you to track leads coming from your direct mail campaign but also make your campaign more effective. Once you figure out to wow your potential customers, you’ll generate massive leads for your tree service business.  

Tips For Creating a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Here are some suggestions for creating a successful direct mail campaign:

Use photography to grab attention

Along with informing your customers about the services you offer, you have to use good photography to grab their attention. If your direct mails have visual appeal, a printed catalog or postcard will entice people to contact you for tree services. 

The mailing list is the key

Direct mail works the best when your message lands on the doorstep of someone who needs tree services. That is why the mailing list is essential. You can target neighborhoods with lots of trees.

You can also rent mailing lists from brokers or other sources, like magazines, colleges, and universities, credit card companies, phone companies, etc. 

Get creative 

Sending a brochure or postcard is an excellent way to reach out to your customers. You can also send personalized gift cards, calendars, or unique offers via your direct mail program. Be sure to use high-quality paper in the mail. Think out of the box and send your customers something useful which has your company name and its services printed on it.

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