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Posted 07/08/2019 in Homeowners & Tree Owners

10 Best Dwarf Trees for Small Spaces

10 Best Dwarf Trees for Small Spaces

These small however mighty trees are perfect for a petite front or backyard, patio area or small garden.  If you are looking for the best dwarf trees for small spaces then we can help. 

These 10 trees are great choices for those working with little spaces, these dwarf trees work great for small spaces. These trees are exceptional alternatives to plant close to a residence! Always make sure and have consideration for the tree to provide enough area in your tree’s cover to develop. To do this, look up the expected mature crown width, and 1/2 it! For example, a tree with an anticipated 30-foot crown spread should be planted at least 15 ft far away from your property.

Read on for the top 10 dwarf trees for small spaces


Add spring flair on your landscape with. There's a big selection to be had that bears great in sun shades of white, purple, and pink; has weeping, rounded, or columnar habits; and produces orange, gold, pink, or burgundy culmination. Many types offer super fall color and superb disease resistance as nicely. You can't go wrong with planting a Crabapple tree in your small space.

Red Bud

Valued for its awesome display of crimson or white plant life in spring, is an easy-to-grow small tree with pleasant coronary heart-shaped leaves that turn golden-yellow in fall. It prospers in solar or partial color and is local to regions of North America. These are one of the top small area trees that constantly get picked up by homeowners. 

Crepe Myrtle

A Southern-garden gem, gives massive clusters of frilly plant life in shades of red, crimson, lavender, or white in summer time and fall. Many types display off stunning red, yellow, or orange foliage in autumn, in addition to interesting patches of green or silver on the bottom in their peeling cinnamon-color bark. A great small space tree that every garden should have one in it.

Flowering Dogwood

One of the most lovely North American local trees,  bears red or white springtime vegetation, brilliant pink end result in past due summer season, and incredible purple-crimson fall foliage. A beneath story tree, it does properly in partial color. A Flowering Dogwood is an overlooked tree by many homeowners but a must when considering dwarf trees.

Golden Chain Tree

Magnificent while it blooms in late spring and early summer time, golden chain tree produces putting clusters to 2 feet long of yellow flowers that resemble wisteria. The dark inexperienced, exceptional-texture foliage is appealing, too. If you want to rain yellow from your small space, Golden Chain Trees will be a great addition small tree for your small area.

Japanese Maple

Few flowers are extra stunning than a  in its full fall finery. And thankfully, there are various methods to apply this little tree in your yard—attempt it as a specimen in a partially shaded spot, as an example, or use it as a focus in a mixed border. One of homeowners favorite small area trees is a Japanese Maple, great for small spaces and do great in large pots.

Saucer Magnolia

Offers some of the most beautiful flowers of any tree. Its large blooms seem in shades of white, red, and crimson in mid- to past due spring. 


Announces early summer time with its sprays of white flowers. Pollinators such as bees and butterflies love the blooms. Then in late summer and fall, it attracts birds with its small crimson culmination. The orange-pink autumn color provides some other layer of enchantment. A summer time great, wonderful blooming small space tree for its size.

Mountain Stewartia

A stylish small tree with beautiful flora in midsummer, is an uncommon desire that deserves to be planted extra. It's a distinctly gradual-growing local of Southeastern North America that places on an exceptional fall display when the leaves turn orange and red. A dwarf tree this flowers bloom great throughout the summer, don't overlook the Mountain Stewartia.


Whether you develop it as a big shrub or prune it as a small tree, Powderpuff is a delight with its fluffy and aromatic pink, purple, or white summertime flora. It's a heat-loving, drought-resistant range appropriate for the warmest areas of California, Texas, and Florida. Very common in states with heat throughout the year, good looking dwarf tree for small areas.

These dwarf trees for landscaping small areas can create privacy and shade, in addition to adorable variance in height and structure. Many additionally carry lovely autumn coloration or pretty spring blossoms, and some can even reward you with a crop of suitable for eating fruit. Trees also are critical for wildlife such as nesting birds and bees, so getting one to your lawn is without a doubt a no brainier.

Many human beings think that their garden is just too small for a tree, however without a doubt there are so many small and dwarf styles of tree, and plenty of that could also be grown in containers. So, whether or not you simply have a bit slice of balcony to play with, or a tiny city lawn, there’s constantly room for a tree.

If you're shopping for the best dwarf trees for small areas these are our top 10 for a small lawn.

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